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Promotion as one of the 4 P's.

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Task 11: Promotion Promotion deals with how a business markets its products. The business must persuade costumers that they need to purchase their products and that this business is a good business which has products that are valuable and worthy of their money. To be able to do this there are a variety of things you can do which all fall down to the promotion category .So it is very important that you are successful in your promotion work because you could have a business with brilliant quality products but failing the promotion you will fail as a business because consumers will not be persuaded to buy from your store and this will lead to loss of profits and for me as a sole trader I will go bankrupt and this will affect me personally very badly. Promotion links together closely with the other 4 p's as they all fit together and if one of them fails all for them fail as you need the product to bring attention to the consumers through promotion then of course you will need to attract consumers with a reasonable price that will be persuasive of its value, then you need place so consumers know where to go to buy this product and of the place is a could well know place and a well made decision of distribution this can make the consumer feel more reassured that this a quality business with good products. ...read more.


The other type of sales promotion is Exhibitions where both consumer and industrial goods are promoted also there are sponsorships and corporate entertainment are often linked with major events such as sports are used with businesses to promote their image but I wont be using this as its not appropriate for such a small business as mine with little capital. There are also after sales service which won't be much needed for my products but I will be offering guarantees for items. The next type of Promotion is Public Relations (PR): Public relations has one main difference to the other types of promotion this is as PR is usually free, whereas the others cost the business thousands of pounds. The purpose of PR is to improve the relation between the business and the public to be able to do this it issues press releases to publicize good points about the business, it supports any corporate advertising the business carries out. Because I have a small firm I will not be able to have my own PR department but I will be trying to do as much as I can to appeal for any funds and get a good story printed for free, This will help my reputation out a lot which will be of guidance to me for my profits. ...read more.


This good as I can target my audience depending on the variety of newspapers and I can make it very persuasive, I can add color to add visualization, the problem is the cost but I must be prepared to spend some money on advertising so I can become more known and receive more consumers, and I ill only be using this when I first start my businesses and also when I'm getting more new products that I think are going to be a great success. This proved me even more popular as it was second populist at % voting for it. Poster/Leaflets: I will be using this too as it doesn't cost to much money but can have a very big impact, highly visual, I can target who sees these posters and letters. They are the best for local businesses like mine. This was also quite popular so again I will be using this as % voted for it. Billboards: Is also very visual and big impacted but will cost me more and though I can place it near roads and target the country I will not be using it until I make a bigger name for myself and more capital. I didn't use this in my questionnaire as I knew that I will not be using it as I can't afford it at the beginning of my opening of my business with limited ?? ?? ?? ?? Belkize Ismajli ...read more.

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