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Proposal Analysis - Start-up case study

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Heather Evans is a HBS graduate that is on the "go" process to start up a dress company. The evaluation of her opportunity can be made based on three sections: 1)Industry analysis,2)Market analysis,3)Competition. Following there is a table with a +/- analysis for those three main sections. Industry Market Competition Barriers to entry may exist in terms of capturing and retaining customers in a highly competitive environment of fashion industry (-) Market size 4.3 million, with high disposable income that spends 5 billion $ on clothes. This market group has a growth rate of 8-10% per year (+) Well established competitors Liz Clairborne, Evan Picone that already capitalise on market and trend(-) Clearly distinguished market leaders (-)Liz Clairborne, Evan Picone Market trends favours varied looks in clothes that can be satisfied by Heather Evans Bridge line. (+) No available statistical data on market segment owned by competitors (-) Suppliers-Distribution, although different possibilities are mentioned there isn't a solid picture if specific suppliers, manufactures chosen can handle cost, volume required (-). ...read more.


For example hiring a pattern maker but then she is influenced by a friend of hers from the industry so she changed her mind, she leased a space for office but then she accepted another offer based again on a friends recommendation. She shows uncertainty on what line she should start (winter, spring).She approaches investors without a solid deal to propose them. She also shows an inability to act quickly and promptly based on external changes. I get the impression that she is more influenced by other peoples opinion and information provided and she doesn't intensively seek commitment from parties that she can be helped. By reading her business plan I would say that it lacks critical information about many issues related to the business. There are no sufficient data about the industry attractiveness, details about the way that the company will be launched (action plan, milestones). Statistical data about consumer's response to her clothes line. Another issue is that the business plan doesn't mention anything about the risk faced in terms of opportunities, setup, business viability, exit strategy. ...read more.


Can be a great help for providing support with current base of relationship with manufactures and retailers, although they lack operating management. This can be proven time consuming for rapid decisions and action required. It will be difficult to maintain control and licence line under Heather Evans name since the option of being incorporated to Helen Fashion Inc seems more probable. Diverse desires for terms of investment. Divergent individual interests. Many people, time consuming to raise adequate capital required. According to my opinion Heather should approach Helen Neil fashions Inc. She could benefit by their already established relationship with manufactures and retailers since her approach to business is not detailed planed. Based on Heathers requirement she should clearly define from the beginning her financing terms so as not to proceed as a joint venture but to be able to maintain her major control ownership of her company .She should offer part of the business ownership (30%) and agree on exit strategy based on company growth and profits earned. ?? ?? ?? ?? Heather Evans Page 2of 3 ...read more.

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