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Providing work-life balance it has shown the employers and employees are a happier workforce and has a positive effect on the retention of staff and higher levels of motivation. Increase in performance levels have

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Benefits of Work-life balance Benefits for employees and employers Providing work-life balance it has shown the employers and employees are a happier workforce and has a positive effect on the retention of staff and higher levels of motivation. Increase in performance levels have also been found, as employees are less tired, so therefore the work can be done more effectively Having arrangements in place it enable employees to balance their work and other commitments, its helps the following: > Both mothers and fathers to care for their children > Those with caring responsibilities for older or disabled people > Employees to undertake study or training > People to play an active role in their local communities Research from LRD found out that employees who have taken a specific leave, it allows skilled employees the opportunity to return early to work while balancing personal and domestic needs. Work-life balance has also shown evidence employees's control and confidence has increasingly taken control of their own careers. ...read more.


This mean the staff would benefit from: > Increased opportunities to work from home > More flexible hours > Compress working weeks Camden realised that it need to change its culture and performance management system so that it ensure a greater emphasis on result and to erode a lingering culture of presenteeism. For Camden to implement work-life balance, workshops were organised where the managers would be encourage to run and to discover ways of improving service while offering individuals better opportunities to work flexible. When the flexible working was introduce 29% of staff felt that the system was not perfect but it was better than before and a step in the right direction. There was 2.5% reduction in the cost of sickness absences and a reduction of 2% in staff turnover in the first year. It has also enable some departments to extend their opening hours. The 2002 employee survey also highlighted the areas for improvement such as the employees were confused who was title to the policies and resourcing issues such as laptops. ...read more.


BT has been able to achieve it increasingly demands of customers expectation by applying flexible workers, Bt now has over 9000 home workers, nearly 500 job shares and more than 5000 part-time workers. BT has used its own technological products and services to implement this change. BT Broadband is used by employees at home, in the office, on customer premises or while travel 70% training is delivered on-line to employees at work or home. Bt has changed their attitudes to enable flexibility manager have agree to flexible working request, performance focus and support facilities are provided though the "Achieving the balance" intranet site. In practice the workers can now fulfil commitment around work. Now some of BT's employees are long-term flexible workers. It allows some workers to work at different time and location as long they work full weekly hours. Conclusion Today in the employment industry the way people work is rapidly changing, the UK workforce is becoming more flexible and is adapting to environment changes. Most organisation do have some form of work-life balance polices but these can only be implemented if attitudes are flexible. ...read more.

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