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Purpose of a Business - 3 examples of different types of business.

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BENzINGA A website news article about the businesses of today by Rhea-Symoné Powell Oxfam’s purpose, as a business, is to provide a service, in order to help fight global poverty. The ownership structure of the business is a Charity, as they help to support and protect the people who are living in poverty. They may also be called a non-profit organisation as they focus the income on helping to provide a service to those who are in need. Oxfam is an international partnership consisting of 17 organisations functioning over 90 countries around the world, thus making Oxfam’s scale of business global. ...read more.


to their customers and earn/make a profit. JD?s business ownership structure is a Public Limited Company, they share profits with shareholders and they make money by selling shares to the public. They sell shares to the public in order to raise finance. JD is considered to be a large sized business, as they have over 10,000 employees. With stores just in the UK, this makes JD sports national. JD is a Public Limited Company because they share sales to the public in order to make a profit. The advantages for JD being a PLC include: the ability to employ specialists e.g. ...read more.


They may employ other people to work for them, but they often work alone. Porky?s is a local business, as it only sells to people within the Nottingham area. Porky?s is a Sole Trader business because the owner has complete control over it; they make their own decisions and don?t have to share any profits with anyone. Rothera Dowson?s purpose, as a business, is to provide a service, as they are solicitors. They help people in and out of Nottingham and earn a profit through the service they are offering, within their partnership. The ownership structure of Rothera Dowsons is a Partnership. Rothera Dawson has five offices around Nottingham, and receives clients from all over the UK, thus making the scale of the business Regional. ...read more.

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