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Pursuing a career as a rep

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E5 Pursuing a career as a rep is quite a long process with lots of different stages involved. Stage 1: Research Before you send any forms or fill in any applications you must research any potential position with a certain company. Each individual must check their compatibility before applying. Candidates must make sure thy are old enough as tour operators always have age restrictions which range from 18-25. They must also think about what the tour operator is looking for personality wise. For example, if applying for an 18-30 position some requirements could be that you are young, outgoing and enthusiastic. Candidates must check the times the tour operator requires them to work whether it is maybe just for the summer or all year round as family commitments may prevent them. Canidates could also evaluate their own skills and maybe their strengths and weaknesses for example if they are confident in front of a group of customers when conducting a welcome meeting. Candidates could also investigate what the uniform consists of. The other aspects are the personal qualities such as being a good communicator and be reliable. The other is knowledge of the place where you are thinking of working, knowing for example if the tap water is safe to drink. ...read more.


You could take the initiative and try to anticipate potential questions that the interviwer may ask and consider how you will appproach them. You could also have some questions of your own as this always impresses the interviewer. Stage 5: Training If your interview(s) is successful then before you start work you will be required to be trained. Training usually consists of customer service based training as you will be obviously working with customers for the majority of the time. Tour operators also usually place a heavy emphasis on seelling skills training as this is another main part of the job and offers commision for staff. Communication skills are taught for example when conducting welcome meetings and dealing day to day with customer queries. Organisation skills are taught as there is loads and loads of paperwork involved with repping. New reps must learn the tour operators unique booking conditions and must also learn health and safety possibly first aid. Stage 6: Career Progression As being a rep is not a lifelong job, the career's available after being a rep needs careful consideration. There are lots of different repping positions available and the experince will almost gurantee you a job in a different department. ...read more.


I have a great understanding of how important paperwork is having worked in a travel agents for work experience and I would cope very well with this. I believe I have great selling skills and obviously these would be used during welcome meeting when selling excursions. I love working with kids and find them fascinating and would definately cope if ever asked to pursue this department. I am not nervous of agressive people and would deal with any customer problems to the best of my ability whether they are angry or not. I also have good time management so will very rarely be late and I am reliable. If I say I am goin to do something I will do it. I am also very organised. Some of the things that would work against me should I apply for a job would be the fact that I don't drive so I would have to rely on public transport in resorts to get me from A to B. I also don't look skiing therefore I would not like to explore this avenue of repping. So taking all these thoughts into consideration I believe I would make an excellent holiday representative. I have lots more positive skills then negative that are important to the job and I am definately thinking about a career in as a holiday representative. ...read more.

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