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Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control CS production process is a quite simple process. The production process that I will use for this section is a chocolate process bar. This process of making a chocolate goes through quality assurance ad control system so that the customers are satisfied with the final outcome of the chocolate bar. This is a brief diagram D1, which shows how CS typically does the process of chocolate bars: However, I will use CS product 'Dairy Milk' chocolate bar as a good example how CS uses their production process to make Dairy Milk and how they use quality assurance and control system to make the perfect chocolate bar to their customers and suppliers. Here's is a diagram (D2) of how the production process of Dairy Milk Brief description on how Dairy Milk is developed: 1. Production starts at the Chirk cocoa factory in North Wales. Top quality cocoa beans, mainly from Ghana in West Africa, are cleaned, roasted and processed to produce the cocoa mass, which contains 55 - 58 % cocoa butter, and is the basis for all chocolate products. 2. During the roasting process, the characteristic chocolate aroma and flavour are developed. Some of the cocoa mass is pressed to extract half the cocoa butter. The solid block of cocoa remaining is used to make Cadbury's cocoa powder and drinking chocolate. 3. Cocoa mass for milk chocolate production is taken to the milk factory at Marlbrook where it is mixed with full cream milk and sugar, then condensed to a rich creamy liquid. This is dried to give 'milk chocolate crumb' which is transported to the chocolate factory at Bournville, Birmingham to make Cadbury's Dairy Milk. Crumb also goes to the factory at Somerdale near Bristol where more of the famous Cadbury products such as Crunchie, Fuse and Double Decker are made. 4. At the chocolate factories, the 'crumb' is ground and the resultant particle size is critical. ...read more.


They can also use the increase of income to produce more different products and have a wide range so that customers will be pleased with the different variety of products that CS has. The impact that quality control has on different functions is: * Research and development (RD) function - the RD will be affected because if the inspector notices a problem with the product (chocolate) then it can be caused by improper RD. This means that the RD function has wasted time and money on the product and still get something wrong with the product. This shows that the RD can be affected by quality control; however the quality control can help to make improvements to the product so that the product can be altered and that the inspector will be satisfied with it but the process of RD has to be performed again which causes a time and money to be loosed. * Training function - the quality control can also show that the training function has been affected because if there is a problem with the process of a product, it can mean that an employee has done something wrong so that the production process has been altered. This shows that poor training has be performed on the employees, which causes conflicts between the training function and production function. However if employees are trained well, they can then help CS to achieve their objectives and cause the production process to be more efficient. To show that CS has quality in their products they must have Total Quality Management (TQM). This is the attempt by a business to stop errors and waste from occurring at all levels within the organisation, and to try to encourage all employees to make quality products within their daily activities. There are a number of factors of TQM: 1) Internal relationships between workers and their superiors and subordinates are seen to be as important as the external relationships that exist between the business and its customers and suppliers. ...read more.


These are the main areas to review when CS is planning for quality improvement. The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards groups and agencies from 140 different countries. It develops standards outlining specifications to be used to define characteristics, rules, and guidelines for products so that worldwide use is possible. ISO has developed internationally recognized standards for quality known as the ISO 9000 series. This series of standards is used internationally as a foundation for developing quality systems in business. The ISO 9000 standards have recently been significantly revised and updated to be more applicable to all industries and to bring in more of a focus on continuous improvement. The series is broken down into many documents; however the primary pieces that contains in CS and is interested in, is ISO 9000:2000 fundamentals and vocabulary document, the ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems requirements document, and the ISO 9004:2000 quality management systems guidelines for performance improvements document. The ISO help CS to achieve their objectives by the rules that CS have to follow when the production process is engaged. These rules are important to CS because the final products are at high quality, which have been followed by the rules and also it will help CS to achieve their objectives e.g. the quality products that CS provides to their customers will be noticed by them and that the customers will be delighted with the product. This then causes for more growth and income because customers are happy with the product and buy more. This shows how the ISO can help CS to achieve the best quality products. Quality should be the guiding principle for every function of the business. If CS can create an environment where everyone thinks about quality and is motivated to improve it, CS will always have continuous improvements to CS processes and it will help CS to achieve their objectives. The objectives are helped by the employees who are motivated and are contributed to their work, which helps CS to achieve their objectives. ...read more.

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