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Realistic and thorough recommendations on how your chosen organisation could improve its quality systems to help meet customer quality expectations, with an explanation of the changes the recommendations would bring about.

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A2: Realistic and thorough recommendations on how your chosen organisation could improve its quality systems to help meet customer quality expectations, with an explanation of the changes the recommendations would bring about. Quality is an important factor for McDonalds; it means to meet customer requirements fit for people. Quality is the features and benefits that enable a product/service to meet and satisfy the needs of the customers. The quality that McDonalds aims to achieve is that the food products all taste good to the customer and eating the product causes no side effects to the customer. The quality assurance system that McDonalds use is total quality management (TQM). TQM is a quality management system that is totally committed to quality and everyone that works for McDonalds is involved in ensuring that the food that is produced is up the highest standards and that there is nothing wrong with it. The principles that McDonalds have for TQM are: * Making sure that the customers demands are met * Listening to customers complaints * Using market research to find out what the customers want * Making continuous improvements to the chocolate that's produced. Quality is even considered before the food is made by McDonalds, when the potatoes are dug up from the ground. The potatoes that are picked are all checked carefully before they are put in the process to make French fries (one of McDonalds most popular food). ...read more.


McDonalds could also advertise more by giving customers tokens/vouchers to use for the next time they go to McDonalds to eat. However I think that the effects of this suggestion would be that some customers may only go to McDonalds to redeem the voucher and then maybe never go to McDonalds after that, but the regular customers would stay loyal. The benchmarking system would not cost McDonalds a great of money, this is an advantage as the cash flow is not affected and the budget isn't affected either. However there would be costs for advertising, which would be a benefit for McDonalds because the advertising campaign would help McDonalds to increase or maintain the sales and profits that are made The benchmarking system would also help meet customers quality expectations, the customers quality expectations are mainly to purchase food of a high quality, and this is why McDonalds is committed to serving their customers hot, fresh, great tasting, and great value food every time they come to the restaurant. The quality of the food that McDonalds service its customers can always be improved mainly by the taste and by adding more ingredients to it, customers are welcome to order a burger/sandwich/salad in the way they prefer it but this would take more time as the food they order would be freshly made for the customer. ...read more.


The managers must by all means take the quality circle seriously and take action of the decisions that are made and carry them out to see if the quality is improving or not. The changes that a quality circle would bring out for McDonalds is that there would be ideal suggestions made by the members of the quality circle that would help to improve the quality system, the employees that make the suggestions for improvements make them due to the experience that have in working at McDonalds, therefore the suggestion must be worth carrying out by the manager(s). This may also mean that the suggestion would guarantee to improve the quality system because in theory if the workers have experience at their job then they are likely to have the best knowledge in finding/knowing ways in which the quality can be improved. Some of the decisions that the quality circle makes may be costly but if the decision were successful then the cost wouldn't be a disadvantage. The advantages of a quality circle are: * All workers have power and responsibility * Encourages team building and co-operation. * The workers can share their views and thoughts. * If the decisions are realistic then they are likely to be carried out. The disadvantages of a quality circle are: * Managers may loose some of their power. * Managers may not listen to the group ideas. * Managers may believe that it's set up due to there being something wrong. * The quality department may not approve of the quality circle. ...read more.

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