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Reasons for moving to direct marketing and the objectives of the marketer

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Reasons for moving to direct marketing and the objectives of the marketer There are a lot of benefits the T-Mobile can get from using direct marketing and its techniques. If the direct marketing programme is in place then the opportunities of the business progressing are very high. The first objective of using direct marketing is to have customer retention and activation as well as recognising that the best way for a company to improve is by keeping its existing customers. This objective is very important. The direct marketing activities help this objective by reinforcing the original buying decision and then by building the relationship that is good with customers step by step. Along this process are when you get the customers to repeat the purchase of a mobile phone or any other products like hands free, car chargers and many other services provided by T-Mobile like texting etc. There is need to have an effective relationship with customers and direct marketing does that by setting up a marketing database. With today's technical advances it is becoming easy for businesses to take full advantage of an effective database management and marketing strategy. The other objective is that of increasing revenue. If you have a solid relationship with your customers, you will encourage T-Mobile customers to buy better and even more expensive phone as well as persuading them to use as many services provided as possible. ...read more.


Direct mail will also build awareness and create demand of products and services of the T-Mobile. The direct mail is structured in a way that will encourage on the spot sales. Direct mail is good at determining the following, what are the segments of mail order buyers will respond best to the company's offers. There is also need for research to find as much information as possible on the segments this is done to know what the customers are like. List testing is the most significant element in direct mail. The company starts with direct mail buyers they will find out their addresses and then try and find out how best to offer those products. Direct mail will also help us on what else we may sell our customers if they respond to the products offered. The purpose of direct marketing id to build a personal relationship with customers. Direct market is more effective for selling different types of mobile phone as well as different line rentals offers. Direct mail make contact directly with customers at a time that is controlled by the company to prevent sending letters that will cause them to become junk mail. Direct mail is fully accountable, every response is measured, and the cost per order, and the value of a customer are calculation that is used in direct mail. ...read more.


The other pieces of information that are important are the age/date of birth, other purchase influencers on the same address, rentals of customers' name, and other questions relating the those mention. Database can be used to the advantage of a company in the following ways, send card or letter on the person's birthday, sent customers' kids some birthday presents, newsletters and company annual reports. The database will be obtained from previous sales as well as from questionnaire and achieves like magazines, books and other things. The direct marketing plan I have devised will be appropriate to the company because the mobile industry is becoming a very competitive market and the are a lot of new technologies coming in day by day so direct marketing will keep the customers updated. T-Mobile has just changed its name it used to be 0ne20ne so there is need for a lot of direct marketing to improve sales as well as creating awareness of the changes to the customers. Direct marketing is the most effect way of tracking down customers and is also cost effective. Of all the methods used direct market tracks customers and persuade them to become our customers again. Direct marketing is also another way of establishing a very good relationship between the customers and the company. Direct marketing plan will also help in trying to create more customers and help the company to enlarge its boundaries. ...read more.

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