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Recruiting employees.

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Before I can advertise a certain job I will have to draw up a job description the job description should contain these basic details about the vacancy: * The job title * The position in the organization chart * A list of duties A Personal specification also has to be drawn up and it should include the following items, the specification shows the type of qualifications needed for the job and the type of personality that I am looking for. This should include the following: * Qualifications * Experience * Personality The job will then have to be advertised the following details should then be considered when advertising: * What details need to go in the advert * Where the advert should be placed The candidates then apply for the ...read more.


have to be interviewed to see weather a person is the right person for the job this mainly depends on there performance at the interview. At the interview I will be looking for the following things: * Good answers to all the questions * The candidates' attitude and dress After this I may chose to follow up certain references. A reference is the names and addresses of people who can provide details of the candidate. After I have done this then I will appoint a candidate for the job but if there is no candidate right for the job then I may have to advertise again. The interview is important because this is were the candidates get to find out more about the company, what it may offer them and the type of work they will be doing. ...read more.


that the candidate will also be looking for several things to help them to decide if they would want the job or if they wouldn't. These may include: * working conditions * salary * training * facilities * job security * pension or health perks There are advantages and disadvantages to the interview process. Candidates are usually nervous because success often depends upon their performance. When people are nervous they don't always act naturally and the interviewer might not see them at their best. This is one disadvantage of selecting people by interview. An advantage is that an interview lets the employer compare people directly. Candidates are seen under the same conditions and are asked the same questions. The employer can also see how candidates act when under pressure. Kassim Hanif ...read more.

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