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Recruitment and Induction and the importance of communication and consistency of approach.

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Induction is a method used to welcome newly recruited staff to the workplace. The induction process aims to introduce the new recruit to the organisation and to new colleagues, to the organisations policies, procedures and objectives, and provides employees with a footing in their new position. Each of the organisations discussed in Case Studies 1-3 have implemented a carefully thought out induction process to welcome their newly recruited staff to their company. A similarity in methods at these three organisations is seen in how the induction phase blends gradually on to training and development or performance management, ensuring continuity and avoiding causing a sense of abandonment for the employee. Beginning to focus on training and development during the early stages as these organisations have done, demonstrates a commitment to the new employee's career development and helps to lower turnover thus cutting future recruitment costs. ...read more.


The Ministry of Defence (Case Study 3) has line managers send information packs in advance also. At the Transport Authority and at Zeneca Agrochemicals, the induction process is divided in to stages and checklists monitor progress through the stages. Designing a planned programme for the induction of all new employees helps to ensure consistency of approach and equality as each employee will receive the same welcome and information. A slightly different approach at The Ministry of Defence has led to somewhat of a lack on consistency in the induction experience for new employees. Being a larger organisation in terms of employee numbers and having the workforce dispersed at different locations they have chosen to localise the induction process, keeping information relevant. ...read more.


The initial stages ire used to inform employees of all the basic details which they might need to know. Later on, management and staff have opportunities to communicate at regular intervals throughout the year to discuss performance, identify training and development needs, set objectives and provide feedback to each other. At the Transport Authority feedback forms are given to employees to help the organisation assess and improve the induction process. In conclusion, the three organisations share some methods of implementing the induction process and also differ slightly in approaches as each organisation has adapted its methods to best suit their varying needs. However, these differences help to illustrate the importance of consistency of approach as the effect of lack of consistency is noticed in Case Study 3. The importance of communication is also noted in how it played an imperative role in each of the different organisation's induction processes. ...read more.

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