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"Recruitment and Selection".

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Task 3: "Recruitment and Selection". It is important that human resources are notified of the vacancy so that it can carry out the recruitment and selection of employees. It can start finding candidates to fill up vacancy. If human resources aren't told of vacancy then applications will not be sent out. A job description is important because it enables people applying to know about the job. Anyone applying must know what the job involves. A person specification is important because it tells what is expected from anyone who is applying. It states the qualifications, experience and type of person required. It is important that the job is advertised because if it isn't people will not be aware of the vacancy. A specific job must be advertised in a specific place. Unskilled and unqualified jobs such as cleaners, cashiers and security guards are normally advertised in the store notice board, by word of mouth and in sixth forms for part time workers. ...read more.


Short listed candidates must be interviewed because if Tesco wants to ensure that the right person is selected then it is vital to meet them face to face because the interview will enable them to judge they way they speak and dress. If the candidate is going to be working in the shop floor, Tesco would not want someone who doesn't dress smartly. If candidates are just selected from their application Tesco are putting themselves at risk of selecting someone who may turn out to not be the right person for the job. It is important that the successful candidate is selected because he/she is ideal for the job. Task 3: "Recruitment and Selection". C. If you want to apply for any position at Tesco, you have to complete a 'People bank online CV'. This can save time and money of Tesco because they don't have to bother sending out applications or replying via post. ...read more.


(Here are the accountabilities of a pharmacist: Accountabilities: You will be providing support for the pharmacy manager and assisting in the smooth running of the department. You will be supported by trained pharmacy assistants and dispensers plus key personnel throughout the store who will help you with stock control, cashing up, personnel issues and training. You will have the opportunity to become involved with local pharmacy services, building relationships with other healthcare professionals and the local community. You will also have the chance to help build our Complementary Medicines offer through in-store activities and using our web-based Nutricentre@Tesco business. Throughout your career you will have access to management and professional skills training.) The job description of a pharmacist doesn't tell the reader about the standards that will be required to achieve or about pay and promotion prospects. This job description isn't very effective. To make it more effective Tesco needs to include more details like the ones mentioned above. If more information is not included people may contact or even pop in, in a store to find out. This will be a waste of time for both Tesco and the person. Dolly 11m 1 ...read more.

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