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recruitment and selection with Job description and job specifications

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Hi Mr. John filler I m sending you a mail about your job and what your role is in the office. On the Monday morning you will be starting your job as soon as you come in. so I thought of giving you the required information so you would feel more comfortable. At first I would like u to know about the Recruitment and Selection is when you start advertising for the job. The advertisement is important to the firm because they must be carefully formatted so they attract the applicant in the first sight. The information should be clearly stated or the time will be wasted on selecting the right applicant. When we are selecting the staff we ask their CV and compare it job specification. ...read more.


So we don't spend a lot of time on selecting the applicant. The share holders will not have any problems but the directors of the company will have problems because they need to spend more money than they expected for advertising for the new staff, have to replace some one in that place and will have to face more consequences. The other staffs will have problems too because they will have to do over time, some may have to take care of both their jobs mainly the customers will have the problem in buying because they will not be satisfied because of the quality of the product the company might face a lose for a period of time until they get a new engineer. Hear are the descriptions of job description and the job specification. ...read more.


choose the correct product for the production, to check the capability and the capacity of the machineries, should be able to activate and deactivate the machineries and should also know to maintain them and to function with out any problem in the production * Other responsibilities - Must be more responsible at your work * Your position - * Tenure - Permanent only JOB SPECIFICATION * Qualifications - Post graduate in Mechanical Engineering, have a driving licenses * Previous work experience - experience with or within the mechanical power transmission industry * Skills - CAD, comprehensive pc literacy * Special interests - * Personality - must be focused in solving problem, desire to Temperament - These are the information about the methods of recruitment, which tells the advantages and the disadvantages of the types of recruiting methods. NAME: HARINI GNANAM CANDITATE NUMBER: 6074 CENTER NUMBER: ...read more.

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