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Recruitment and training at Perrys Motor Company.

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Perrys Recruitment One of the important tasks for the human resources function in a business is the recruitment and selection of the new employees, without the right employees the business wouldn't be able to run efficiently, serve its customers properly or make any profit for the company. The reason the Perrys may need to employ more workers is because of increased sales, a staff member may have left, a member of staff might have been promoted or a member of staff goes on temporary leave. All of these reasons may force the Perrys recruit new staff to keep the business going as normal. The process that the Perrys use to recruit new staff is a complex process and has many stages, the stages in the recruitment process are: * Identify vacancy * Write job description * Write person specification * Advertise the job * Send out application forms * Receive applications * Shortlist candidates * Interview * Select the best candidate * Make a job offer Advertising the vacancy There are number of ways that the Perrys advertise jobs, here are ways that they advertise their jobs. ...read more.


Another part of the person specification would be the attainments that the candidates will need. This could just be some certain GCSEs or possibly a degree the candidate will need to carry out the job sufficiently. There will also be a part saying what skills the candidate may need in the job, such as good arithmetic skills or people skills if they using a phone. The employer may also specify some interests that may be needed in the applicants. Job application forms A job description and a person specification are sent out with an application form. The reason these are sent out with the application form is so the applicant has the best chance of getting the job and so they know what qualities they will need to get the job, and on the application form it also says when the deadline is for the job. Training Induction training Perrys provides induction training to new staff as it is essential and it enables a new employ to become productive as quickly as possible. ...read more.


* Disruptive, remove employees from their normal place of work * Can be time consuming Apprenticeship Perrys offers apprenticeship training to their employees, especially, for young people aged 16-24, however, they require applicant to have GCSE in English, Maths and Science. This provides employees with the opportunity to learn on the job while working towards their qualifications and it also enable employees to gain sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to be able to work effectively in a business. Motivation Perrys offers a wide range of motivational techniques to their staff, the following are some example of how Perrys motivates their staff. * Piece rate - payment given per item produced that meets a defined standards * Commission means an additional payments made based on a targeted level sales being achieved * Bonuses - flexible when and how they are paid to staff, generally aimed at motivating staff to work more harder to achieve the bonus offered Perrys might also offer a range of non financial motivators for example, they might offer company car, cheap travel, holidays and vouchers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Many good points here and they have found out about the situation at Perrys. There are a number of omissions which I have put right in my comments. The actual process for recruitment, training and motivation will vary from business to business but the basic procedure is as described.

Marked by teacher David Salter 21/03/2012

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