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Recruitment at Tescos

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Unit 2 Strand D Recruitment Organisations around the world have different recruitment policies. These policies are made in order to make a fair recruitment, and everyone in the company has to follow it. With Tesco being one of the biggest UK leading supermarkets, it is continuously expanding in different areas, for example Tesco Insurance. This means that around UK Tesco has a large amount of new stores opening up, thus they require a wide range of staff with a range of different skills. In order to gather all the people that have these skills and abilities, Tesco have to set recruitment standards. These are: 1. Identifying the vacancy 2. drawing up a job description 3. creating a person specification 4. advertising the vacancy 5. short listing candidates 6. preparing an interview for the short list candidates 7. appointing the successful candidate These processes allow Tesco to carefully choose who they wish to recruit as part of their team. Identifying the vacancy: This is the first processes of the recruitment guidelines. This is where Tesco indentifies the specific job which needs to be filled- For example if Tesco decide to open a new Tesco local branch, they would need to hire staff. After identifying the vacancy of the job, then Tesco's can take the position forward by neatly constructing the job description. ...read more.


This could possibly mean that Tesco's do not meet their objective of improving team performance if the applicant hired e.g.: a store manager that was not a well motivated leader. Advertising the vacancy For Tesco's to gain the short list of people which they later decide to pick who they want to hire, they will first need to have a variety of people to narrow down. Potential applicants can be notified about the job vacancy through advertisements. Tesco's could advertise the job add through, billboards, television, internet and radio. Using these methods wise because it's the most used way of communication in the 21st century, thus Tesco's would get the vacancy across to a wide range of people. C-Grade Not completing this process could damage Tesco's; they could end up not having enough staff applying without the advertisements. This could harm Tesco's if they were short staffed for a reason e.g. few members have quit due to the strike demands not met. This could lead to Tesco needing more staff quickly and by not advertising the vacancy Tesco's would be forced to hire people quickly that may not be meeting all the job requirements Tesco's have set. Short Listing candidates After Tesco's starts getting applications and CV's in for the job which they have previously advertised, they will need to start "short listing" applicants. ...read more.


From here if Tesco's were to find who would be a good manager they may put together a group activity where the applicant has to manage a certain situation. C-Grade If Tesco's did not choose the best appropriate candidate for the job then they simply would not get as much done to meet their aims. Tesco's need to be aware and careful when appointing an applicant in to a position in the company, this is because if Tesco's did not check the references which the person provided, they could well have been lied to about the proof of skills, qualifications, attendance and behaviour records the applicant really has. For example the applicant might say he has an MBA from London business school. If they do not check this, Tesco's will have high expectations for the applicant as they would see the amount of education he has received, and those expectations might make them make false plans of where the business is headed for the future. This could lead to Tesco's not being able to meet customers expectations and demands because the applicant does not posses the right amount of skills and qualities to deal with them. Appointing the successful candidate After completing the above 7 processes, and choosing the correct qualified candidate to hire, Tesco's will not hire them immediately. The applicant's references will firstly have to be contacted in order to check that the application they have handed in contains no lies and to see whether the qualifications match actual individual. ...read more.

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