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Recruitment Case Study. Recruitment is when BHX looks for a new member of staff. BHX needs to recruit new staff for different reasons.

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Recruitment Recruitment is when BHX looks for a new member of staff. BHX needs to recruit new staff for different reasons. It could be that they need staff for to fill in new posts or for an extra help for other staff. Sometimes BHX need new staff because they need to replace the old staff with new staff with more experience and qualifications. To recruit staff there is a process for it. There are seven steps in the process. To appoint the right person for the job they need to go through the seven steps for each of the applicants. For recruitment the manager and the human resources are responsible to recruit new staffs. As other organisaton BHX has a policy for recruiting staff. The employer at BHX has to obey the policy. The policy reduces the chance of a candidate being treated unfairly. The law and ethics at BHX are very strict. The law says that there must not be any discrimination against the employee and the employee should have the same opportunity regardless of race, gender, or disability. All disabled applicants who fully meet the Person Specification for the post for which they have applied for has to be guaranteed an interview at BHX. In BHX the recruitment is done by human resource department and the manager. Steps in the process There are seven stages in the recruitment process. 1. Identify the vacancy 2. Draw up a job description 3. ...read more.


A/I SKILLS/ABILITIES 2 Physically able to carry out passenger and bag searches 3 Ability to remain calm and assertive in emergency situations 4 Basic computer awareness for the purpose of security ID pass checks and report writing 5 Good customer service practices to represent the company in a professional manner 6 Ability to remain alert and vigilant to undertake indoor and outdoor security patrol duties, boarding card and security ID pass checks 7 Well developed verbal and written communication skills 8 Ability to write short and accurate reports 9 Ability to work on own initiative and within a team 10 Ability to deal sensitively and tactfully with people on a one to one basis 11 To work a variety of shifts, inclusive of weekends and bank holidays I I I A/I I/TEST A/I/TEST I/TEST A/I I A/I EXPERIENCE 12 12 months experience in a customer facing role 13 Working to agreed standards and regulations and internal procedures in a consistent way A I EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS 14 Numerate and literate to perform the duties of the job TEST OTHER ATTRIBUTES 15 Willing to undertake mandatory training relevant to the job 16 Able to comply with the company dress code 17 Live within a 30 miles travelling distance of the airport to respond to call out/shift cover 18 Full previous 5 year checkable history (e.g work, study, unemployment, home worker) 19 Able to successfully pass a colour blindness test and medical examination A I A A OH How to be assessed Key: A - Application form I - Interview TEST - Saville ...read more.


Example of the ended question can be 'What made you apply for this job?' For this the candidate will have to give reasons for the answers. These kinds of questions tells the interview that how well the applicant communicate. To make the interview fair to everyone, the interviewer has to ask the same questions to all the candidates. Select the candidate: - This is the final stage of the recruitment process. BHX will have to choose the best candidate. They choose the best candidate by looking at how well the candidate has done in their interview. Sometimes an applicant with a really high qualification does badly in the interview. These mistakes could be that the applicant was too nervous during the interview. It could also be that the applicant did not communicate very well with the interview. As BHX is a huge organisation several people are involved in recruiting people. In Bhx human resources and managers are involved in recruiting people. In the interview only one person interviews the people because this makes the interview fair to everyone and the interviewer will ask the same questions to everyone. While employing for the job at Bhx the employee has to apply with the curriculum vitae because in the C.V. it's got all the information about the employee like all the qualification from GCSE's to a university degree and all the work experience the employee did. The employer needs to see the C.V to make sure the employee has the correct qualification in order to get the job at Bhx. ...read more.

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