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recruitment procedures BA

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Recruitment Procedures British Airways aims to provide smooth and high quality services to its customers. Therefore, it is vital for the firm to employ the best workers and get it right the first time in order to keep employment costs down. When employing, many candidates are looked at and the right person, no regard to gender, age or race, is chosen. When a vacancy is available at British Airways, the first thing that happens is that Human Resources are informed of the vacancy. They are also told why the vacancy is available. This could range from retirement or promotion to sacking or transfer. The next step in the procedure is to draw up a job advertisement. ...read more.


After the job has been advertised internally, it is advertised externally if the right candidate is not found from inside the firm. During this, candidates apply for the position via application forms, email and over the phone. A curriculum vitae (CV) and covering letter are also sent along with the application form. The two documents provide the employer with a lot of information about the candidate. The application form, CV and covering letter are then received by British Airways and qualifications are checked against certain criteria set by the firm. The people in charge of employing the right candidates then draw up a short list of the people they believe will best suit the job. ...read more.


The purpose of this training is to familiarise the candidate with the firm so they can work hard and provide excellent services to British Airways' customers. It is important for British Airways to have a set procedure for recruiting new staff so they can ensure that the right candidate is chosen the first time. This is because hiring a new employee costs a lot of money and time. British Airways must also ensure that all candidates are treated with the same respect and provided with the same opportunity. This includes the same procedure for all candidates. This also means that the same questions are asked to all potential employees and each candidate is given equal opportunities to answer questions in a group interview. These rules are present so that all are treated fairly and also helps to maintain standards. ?? ?? ?? ?? Awais Riaz Page 1 ...read more.

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