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Recruitment - Unit 5

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Recruitment My chosen business is royal mail plc. Vacancy occurs 1a. job advertisment in the news paper, radio through assessment days and recruitment agencies such as REEDS. * Job description and personal specification for the job is included in the job advert for example: Mdec data entry keyer or manager etc. * Candidates fill in application forms through royal mail websites or collect through nearest royal mail post office. * Application forms and refrences of candidates are checked and a short list of the best candidates for the job is drawn. * Canadidates are phoned or email to come to an assessment day. Those who pass will be given an interview date. * Candidates are interviewed and welcomed to the job. ...read more.


Training:Train staff for new use of technology e.g. computerised stock control systems in 2 weeks time of use ie. from 11th of Novmber 2006 till 24th of November 2006. Production: Increase speed of production due to christmas sales by over time given to workers, till 15th December 2006. Introduce quality circles where employees can sit and discuss problems as well as participate in decision making till next month 10th of December 2006. Encourage teamwokring so that workers develop good relationships with colleagues. 2c. By training staff, business will minimise costs by reduced absences, fewer accidents and a fast pace of production. By recruiting staff members for IT department means good quality service produced. Increased production needs to be done during peak times because customer demand is high and not meeting orders means losing potential sales that will affect profits negativley. ...read more.


Secondly, if the right type of Job Description is provided to candidates then time and costs will be reduced because the right type of people will be attracted towards the job. Also, interview proceedures should include equal opportunities for all candidates e.g. same amount of time, atmosphere must be provided with the same set of questions to be asked. This will be a fair selection proceedure to sift the most able, committed and hard working staff. Thirdly, monitoring proceedures such as individual meetings or assessment days will provide appraisals to tell employees thier strengths and weaknesses at work. Producing personal development plans mean workers set themselves tasks and try to achieve them. This will motivate them and able them to work better. All of these points mean that if the staff have good skills and commitment towards the success of the business then this i will improve cusotmer services, sales to generated profit. ...read more.

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