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Reinvent the marketing mix for Ipswich Town Football Club

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Business Studies Coursework Brief History They were formed as an amateur club in 1878, but became professional in 1936. After winning the Southern League and finishing third the following season, they were elected to the Football League on May 30th 1938. But have recently been relegated from division one and now need a new marketing mix to help them maintain profits. Location The stadium is situated on Portman Rd. and has been there since the club started and is constantly being done up to maintain quality. A overhead map of the stadium located at Portman road. Aim of this coursework The aim of this coursework is to reinvent the marketing mix for Ipswich Town Football Club after they were relegated from Division One and they are now afraid of loosing profits. Research Plan We are not sure what they used in the past for their Marketing Mix as many companies do not like to release this information as this may be passed on to competitors. Their current marketing mix is no good as they have recently been relegated so are looking for ideas and are not willing to rely on their previous marketing mix. I have also decided to rely on secondary data, which will help me also word my questionnaire. ...read more.


The quantitative answers will be easy to add up and hopefully get an overall view for and the qualitative questions will allow people to diversify their answers without pushing them in one direction or another. After receiving data back form the questionnaires I will have to consider how to make that data into a marketing mix. By considering the 4 P's so I have decided form this data by using the following heading to work out where most effort should be placed once I have the research back. The qualitative research will also tell me what else I could do whereas the quantitative data will also help me to ensure how much effort should be placed where. Product - Entertainment - games - tickets - price change before and after - Replica kits sold - Food and drink - corporate entertainment - Merchandising - Programs - Academy - coaching over summer holidays for good publicity EG U12 and U14 Price - Shares - Sponsorship - Special deals - promotions - Ticket prices - Price change overall Promotion - Fathers day promotions and similar - Internet promotions - save money - One free ticket over SGR radio and EADT - County shows - Sell tickets through PE teachers in schools Place - Stadium - Internet selling - save ...read more.


- Football sells well at the moment with record sells for club memorabilia and merchandise over the country as well as England's performance in the last world cup Social Change - Football is very popular at the moment and this is backed up by the increase in media attention to it and the record sales of merchandise. - This indicated very little is likely to change quickly, probably the opposite as it will increase creating greater pressure on ITFC Technology - The collapse of ITV digital has affected football as a whole and will continue to do so as they had strong links with the football world. - The media attention to football will cause a greater strain on ITFC. - The rise in Sky and digital entertainment will help football by providing more interactive things. The PEST analysis outlines any problems I MIGHT have in the future when I produce a marketing mix plan therefore I have to watch these influences when I plan for the future. In the future I will have to reinvent ITFC marketing mix yet this can be very risky so in order to reduce the risk taken I will have to use Ansoff's matrix in order to reduce the risk for reinventing ITFC. Existing ProductsNew Products Existing Markets New Markets Market Penetration - - Increasing Risk ?? ?? ?? ?? Alasdair Muir, 11K1 13600.doc Page 2 of 3 ...read more.

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