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Report on Contrasting Organisations

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Report on Contrasting Organisation Introduction: I have been asked to write a report describing the type of businesses of two different companies on different sectors. This report will include the purposes of each of them and the type of ownership they have, e.g. if the company is a private limited, or a public limited and etc. This report will also include a clear understanding of the two chosen companies' principles, as well as the concept of stakeholders. As well as that the report will consist of a comparison between the two companies and the sector in which they are in. The aim of this report is to thoroughly explain in what ways the two businesses differ from each other, what sector the two companies are in, how big each firm is, what their aims and objectives are, their mission statements and what products and services they offer, sell or provide. In order to achieve the aim of this report I will research about each company so that I can find out all the information I need to write up this report. Once I have gathered all the information I need I will then edit and reword it according to all the tasks in this report. ...read more.


Shareholders Shareholders are also stakeholders as they have a big interest on the company's performance, prices, promotions and most importantly profits. Also as investors they have an interest in future plans and projects for the company. Government The government is another stakeholder and therefore has a huge interest on the company's performance, as it receives large amounts of taxes from the company. As well as taxes Sainsbury's employs thousands of people, which is another favourable factor for the government as it wants the least amount of people as possible unemployed. Charities Certain charities that are in association with Sainsbury's are other stakeholders which have a huge interest in the company. They are normally interested in the company's performance, as they depend on it to acquire as much money as possible for their charitable campaigns. Environmental Organisations Environmental organisations such as Greenpeace are also stakeholders. Greenpeace and Sainsbury's as well as other eco-friendly companies discuss all possible ways to minimise the impact they have on the environment. E.g. at meetings they acquire new ideas to recycle, be more energy efficient and to reduce their waste and etc. NHS: The NHS was launched in 1948 from a very ambitious project to bring health care and benefits to everyone regardless of their wealth or class. ...read more.


* Their interest is also different as Sainsbury's main interests are to attract as many customers possible, beat its competitors, grow its market space and most importantly complete all these purposes profitably. * The audience is one factor which can be a difference as well as a similarity between the two companies. I.e. Sainsbury's audience is customers who are looking to buy products or services, whereas the NHS audience is patients who need a service or a treatment but will not need to pay for as they already pay their taxes. However they also have a few similarities which include some alike stakeholders and purposes, as seen on the list below: * Some of their stakeholders can be the same, as Sainsbury's customers could also be NHS patients, and they could also have the same suppliers as well as belonging to the same community and etc. * As mentioned above their audience can also be the same, as they may be targeting the same people but with different objectives. * Both companies also have some similar purposes which include providing a range of service and products with great quality, respecting patients/customers details by keeping them safe and using them for the right purposes only, and also by treating their staff as the heart of everything they do, achieve or acquire. Husein Unit 31 - Exploring Business Activities ...read more.

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