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Report on Marketing Opportunities in the Scunthorpe Area.

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Unit 5 Report To: All Directors Ref: AJK5621 From: Marketing manager Alex Kremin Date: 7th March 2002 Heading: Report on Marketing Opportunities in the Scunthorpe Area Terms of Reference I have been asked to investigate the marketing opportunities for Venetian Ices' Ice Cream parlours and vans in the Scunthorpe area. This task was set to me by the managing director at Venetian Ices Ltd. My report must be submitted by the 18th March at the latest because at this time a decision must be made whether to build a new parlour or invest in some new ice cream vans. Procedure I carried out some desk research by looking at existing research already done by other ice cream companies looking at opportunities in the area. I also carried out some field research by making a questionnaire asking about people's ice cream consumption and whether they would be interested in a new ice cream parlour in the area. I carried out a questionnaire to help me find information about possible locations, peoples feelings etc. The main reason for the questionnaire was to discover if there were a demand for ice cream in Scunthorpe, this would help us in deciding whether to build an ice cream parlour here or not. For my research I first went looking at the market for ice cream, I had to know if there was a market for ice cream in Scunthorpe. ...read more.


We would then have choice of size (to a degree) and of floors. There are going to be a lot of new big name shops in the parishes area as well as a cinema which would attract people not just from Scunthorpe but from all over the region. I think this would be a very good opportunity for Venetian Ices and by far one of the best possible locations. * Church Square - This would be a very bad place for the parlour to be as there are lots of youths there who are into the gothic scene. I think this would influence a lot of people not to visit the parlour. It is a good place for somewhere like club 2000 which only opens at night as the youths are not there at night time. * Lakeside Retail Park - This location would be quite suitable for the parlour as it has people visiting the retail park for all sorts of reasons. A bad point would be that the parlour would face up to competition from Burger King and McDonalds. * Skippingdale Retail Park - The parlour could be built here, as it would provide a good place with lots of retail that attracts customers. There are also currently no food outlets in this area so there would not be much competition. * Scunthorpe High Street - This would be a good option as there is an empty property left by the shop 'Superpound'. ...read more.


However we would be under pressure from the local supermarkets in the area: Tesco, Asda, Morrison's and Safeway as these all sell own brand and luxury ice cream at very competitive prices. Recommendations I think that a new ice cream parlour should be built in the Scunthorpe Area. I also believe it should be located in the Parishes as it will attract lots of attention when the parishes opens and is located near a cinema. If we target the people coming out the cinema, possibly by working in conjunction with the cinema then I believe it will be beneficial to us. Also if we decide to open in the parishes advertising costs will be cut as the advertising of The Parishes is also underway on a large scale. The parlour stands to make a lot of money if placed here because of the people attracted from around the region. The parlour could be marketed by local radio and newspaper. I think that a competition should be held in the newspaper sponsored by Venetian Ices so that we can have maximum advertising. Also for the opening vouchers and coupons could be handed out near the store to influence people to go in and eat. For the radio we could sponsor a radio programme and have a commercial running. The type of station we would have to use would be a commercial local station such as Viking FM or Lincs FM. I think we have a very viable chance of building and marketing a new parlour in the Scunthorpe Area. ...read more.

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