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Report on PDAs

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Report on PDAs To: Morice & Joanna From: Ahsanul Islam Date: 16 January 2008 Aim of report: * To outline what PDAs are. * To identify how PDAs can be used as a method of communication. * To describe how PDAs can be used to store and access information. * To explore the impact of PDAs on the Mojo DJ business and society. Introduction: PDAs are personal Digital Assistants which are a handheld device that combines computing, telephone/fax and net working features. PDAs are also called palmtops, hand-held computers and pocket computers. Apple computer first developed PDAs which introduced the Newton message pad in 1993. Shortly thereafter several other manufactures offered similar products. ...read more.


How PDAs can be used as a method of communication: Blackberry phones can combine PDAs and phones into a single device. This a versatile tool to handle business mail, offering diary functions and providing data connections for a laptop along with conventional mobile phone use. How PDAs can be used to store and access information: Palm OS devices include basic tools for calendaring, contacts, lists and notes. Some of the devices also include connectivity software and e-mail capability. Third-party software for the palm is a growing market-all types of software are available for the palm from word processing to games. The palm OS is easy to use for calendar, contacts and task functions. ...read more.


The impact of PDAs on Mojo DJ business and society. > Better use of staff time - Morice and Joanna can be contacted where ever they are and can follow up enquiries quickly and easily. > Improve customer service - customers can contact them from where ever they are. > Emails can be accessed and sent to them while on the road. > Quotations can be provided and sent without having to be at the office. > Morice and Joanna can contact each other easily and share information from any where. > Use of spreadsheets can help keep monitoring and financing up to date. > Sat alight navigation software can help Morice and Joanna find new places such as night clubs. > This will allow people to work flexibly from home and office. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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