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Report on XE Marketing Campaign.

Extracts from this document...


Chris Monroe Business Studies Coursework 21st of March 2003 Contents Page Page 1: Cover Page Page 2: Contents Page Page 3: Report on XE Marketing Campaign * Background information * Introduction * Type of Research * Market Research Results Page 4: * Product * Place Page 5 * Place Page 6 * Advertising * Promotions Page 7 * Publicity * Promotions Page 8 * Sales Staff * Insights Page 9 * Appendix Contents Report on XE Marketing Campaign Background information: The task set to myself, was to devise a marketing plan to launch a retail business in my surrounding area i.e. a shop on the local high street. Through this evaluation I will explain what methods were used to complete the marketing plan, such as what research was conducted and what the promotional campaign consisted of. The Introduction: The Retail Shop will be a Car modification garage and MOT centre for performance cars; for example a branded GTI or SRI model vehicle. The Retail garage-centre will be named 'XE' Xtreme Engines. XE will aim to be an officially licensed and customer recommended Vauxhall, and Audi centre, due to its location between existing garages and corporate head offices. Based as a Tertiary Sector business, direct services will be provided to the consumer in the form of modifications for performances cars. A range of modifications will be offered for many different car manufacturers with an added emphasis on Vauxhall and Audi modifications due to the location. Type of Research: The market research which was carried out for Xtreme Engines was as follows: * General Public Questionnaire Sampling (refer to appendage vi, vii) * Shop Owner Questionnaire Sampling (refer to appendage ii) Market Research Results: By evaluating the Market Research (appendage vii) collected from the General Public, it was ascertained that there is a sufficient demand for the type of enterprise that I wish to market, that relevant graph is, Percentage of people who want Expert help for their cars (refer to appendage ii) ...read more.


Is it beneficial to be located next to your competitors? yes no 3. What affect would parking restrictions have on your business? Would the restrictions reduce your trade? yes no Would this be over all of your business? yes no Or just effect ad-hock trade yes no 4. Is low cost rent more important than locational position? yes no Is the drive-by location key to your trade yes no Could low rent saving, make-up for trade loss? yes no What % drive-by trade occurs monthly? % 5. Is it beneficial to set up strategic partnerships and VARS? (Value Added Reseller) yes no Is the cost of official licensing too high for profit yes no Would the brand from the VAR increase your Profit yes no What monthly % of trade is strategic partnerships % What monthly % of trade is from VARS? % Appendage iii Product, Price, Place. The products and services that will be offered are based on market research obtained in task 2 and 4, the following will be offered in the car workshop: * Exhausts * Brakes * Tyres * Alloys * Body kits * Engine Modifying * Security Systems * MoT centre Paint re-sprays have been omitted, the return on capital employed will be little or even towards a loss, therefore capital should be directed else where in the company. Prices for the above services are based on competition, under cutting will be used to attract customers, the list below is compared to competitors pricing plans, advertising comparisons against Fast Forward Motorsport Centre (appendix xiii). Our Price Competitors Exhausts �from 99.99 �from 120 Brakes �from 225 �from 250 Tyres �from 100 �from 120 Alloys �from 350 �from 400 Body Kits �from 370 �from 400 Engine Kits �from 99.99 �from 120 Security �from 250 �from 300 MoT �26.99 �29.99 Asking consumers how much they would pay for 'mod' parts was not put into the questionnaires, thinking that using a comparative pricing strategy to the competition would prove to be more valuable research data. ...read more.


Sponsorship of under 12 years team: football, karate, go-karting approx �6503 a season in return team shirts endorses brand (both in and out of game) * Promotion: public stunts, i.e. collecting signatures for a local charity or national charity Children in Need * Branded Press Pack & Press Release: local and National news editors * Flyers: Car Parks, Fast Food outlets * Give-away Car Stickers: McDonalds & petrol garages * Car-Sticker competition via local radio Promotional Specials: * Promotional Tie-ins (linked brand advertising specials). * Simpsons - Although the cost maybe too high for budget, so may not be used. * KitKat (You're not a Salmon) Marketing Measurables: All marketing will be measured via volume of foot-fall, and increase of sales via monitoring point-of-sale. Conclusion: By evaluating the Market Research (appendage vii through to xii) collected from the General Public, it was ascertained that there is a sufficient demand for the type of enterprise that I wish to market, refer to graph (Percentage of people who want Expert help for their cars) By creating links to already successful brands, consumers will relate the XE brand to those of already existing brands such as Kit-Kat, this will build consumers confidence in the brand, hopefully leading to increased sales. Using heavy marketing to the media and below-the-line sources, potential consumers will be alerted to XE's lower pricing and high aphesis on customer loyalty through the loyalty card being given out in store and on the launch day. The overall conclusion drawn from all the data collected and evaluation of the marketing mix, is that Xtreme Engines will most likely be a success as the location ensures easy access for customers on a main road, which increases customer footfall. A competitive price skimming strategy against competition from other tertiary sector rivals will keep open XE into the market as a high quality customer orientated business with lower prices. 1 Basingstoke, Ruby Club, 2003. 2 Basingstoke, Ruby Club, 2003. 3 Basingstoke, Ruby Club, 2003. Chris Monroe Business Studies Coursework Mrs. Perrie 1 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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