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Research and Development

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Research and Development The work of research and development involves developing new products and improving current ones through various forms of research. New products and improvements to current products are needed to meet the requirements of customers, taking into consideration changes in consumer demand, seasonal sales changes, and the availability of new materials and technology. The marketing department collects information about changes in consumer demand and the requirements of customers. The research and development department must also be aware of new materials, technology and products that affect the customer's requirements and possibly the future of their customers needs. For example development within the music industry has moved it forwards with the development from audiocassettes audio CD-ROMs. New technology can also allow a company to manufacture a product more efficiently to meet consumer needs and demand. Research is also vital as it provides information for the development of products Also research and development can be split into sub functions, 2 of which are product research and product development, which are linked. Here is a rough drawing to show how the product research and product development work together on improving products. Research and development is very expensive and can be very time consuming for many businesses to be see positive results from it, even though this can be the case most of the time most businesses invest greatly in research and development, some companies put millions into their research and development departments. ...read more.


the confectionery market, an evaluation into the Cadbury Schweppes company itself, researching the snack market, market research, product development, extensive consumer testing to ensure customers get what they want, designing process, more consumer testing, product launch strategy, launching of the product, analysing post launch results and the overall conclusion of successfulness of the product. All of this is put into great detail to ensure that the results required are produced from all this, at the same time a lot of investment is put into all this so the company as big as Cadbury Schweppes is definitely expecting some positive results from all this. Research of the background into the confectionery market This is important as it helps the company with understanding what has been going on within the market as lets them spot any trends within in it thus helping them predict how that market is going to move on within the next few years. Although this can be the case markets can develop more quickly than expected where companies may come up with new innovative ideas, which can change the market drastically. To tackle these problems Cadbury Schweppes has constantly been doing research into the market to ensure that they're competitiveness within the market stays strong against competitors Evaluation of the Cadbury Schweppes Company To ensure that the Cadbury Schweppes Company is working to its highest quality, regular evaluations to the company are made, from studying the company's growth to its overall placing within its industry e.g. ...read more.


This launch involved a tight management of the stock distributed, with over 40 million bars being moved from Cadbury deports straight into shops ready for sale within only a matter of days. Post-launch results After a new product is launched it is important to analyse whether the product has met its launch objectives. During 1996 the chocolate market grew by 9% and 19% of this growth was contributed to the launch of Cadbury Schweppes' Fuse bar. One way of analysing the effectiveness of the whole product launch is to ask market researchers to identify advertisements using prompts in a recall test. Cadbury Schweppes found out that during just one week of the Fuse bar being released it sold a record 40 million bars and within 8 weeks the Fuse bar became the UK's most favourite snack bar. The release of the Fuse bar also contributed greatly to the growth of the company in 1996. Overall through thorough uses of these processes Cadbury Schweppes has created and developed a successful and popular brand through its new product the Fuse bar. The main three reasons why Cadbury Schweppes' product launch was so successful because; * They used accurate sources of consumer research to identify a big marketing opportunity * Product research and development combined extensive consumer testing lead to the successfulness of the overall product * Massive trade and consumer hype generated by a national launch of the Fuse bar ...read more.

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