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Research for my planned cake and pastry shop.

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Action Plan What do you have to do? I'll open a Pastry shop in which I will sell all kinds of cakes, pastries, cookies and Bread. I would also offer free home delivery. Our staff is well educated and especially trained to do their jobs. The shops timings would be from seven in the morning till ten in the evening. The shop can also deliver goods after timings on especial request. The shop would also be having beverages. The shop would also be having sitting arrangements. The shop will be centrally Air -conditioned. For this I have to carry Market research. To investigate about the location and choose a place where I could capture the market. I would survey people which places they go for buying pastries and etc. And what flavours they like for cakes and pastries' will further investigate that home delivery is required or not. From where the information will be gathered? ...read more.


what are you buying for? -Birthday -wedding/anniversary -other occasions -just because I felt like Q4) How much would you spend at a bakery? -�10 -�5 -�15 - �7 Q5) Are you satisfied with the present cake shops? -Yes -NO Q6) would you also like to have different types of beverages ? -Yes -No Q7) Would you like to have free delivery of your goods? -Yes -No Q8) Would you like if the biscuits were given shapes of dolls and etc.? -YES -NO Q9) You would pay by cash or by plastic money? -Cash -Plastic money Q10) Would you like to buy bread from a new shop? -Yes -No Q11) Would you buy drinks and water from our shop? -Yes -No Why did you write a questioner? I made a questioner because by its help i will come to know what prices to keep. Whether what services to give and not to give. On which portions to concentrate on. ...read more.


o May provide necessary background information and build credibility for the research report � Any paid form of non personal communication that is transmitted to consumer through such mass media as television, radio, news paper, magazine, direct mail, and out door displays. � Short lead times � flexibility, � community prestige, and � intensive coverage for ads.high believability. Types of media Advantages disadvantages Newspapers 19% � Short lead times � flexibility, � community prestige, and � intensive coverage for ads.high believability. � \ � Short lifespan � Low pass-along rate � Color capabilities � Selectivity of narrow Markets Media Types - Advantages & Disadvantages Magazines 5% � Image reproduction � Long life � High geographic and demographic selectivity � High quality reproduction � Waste circulation Radio 8% � variety of stations allows advertisers to easily target audiences and to tailor their messages to those listeners � . low cost, � flexibility, � mobility � No visual treatment � Short life span � Highly fragmented audience Television 25% � Mass coverage � Low cost per customer � Demographic selectivity � High color capabilities � High execution cost � Skepticism � Technology � Clutter ...read more.

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