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Research objectives for Somerset house.

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MARKET RESEARCH Research objectives Research objectives involve finding out about the market type and what is going on in the market. Somerset house wants to find out what age group visit the galleries and what attracts them, this will enable Somerset house to find out which age segments don't visit and which age groups to aim for in the future and how to attract them to visit the galleries. Somerset house has to find out whether its customers are satisfied with the service they receive at Somerset house and if not why? And how can it be improved to meet every bodies needs. Customers can be unsatisfied for a number of reasons for expel poor service or customer service, if this is the problem Somerset house can improve its customer service by training its staff. Solving the problems may lead to more customers. I want to find out what age groups visit Somerset house and how I can increase, encourage and attract other age groups to Somerset house, currently Somerset house has a larger number of over 55+'s customers who are mostly intersected in the galleries. I want to attract younger generations to Somerset house but not the young kids who will turn the area into a play area, running about and making noise which may conflict with the older generation and cause them to leave. I will have to develop a strategy that will attract both generations to the same area to use the same or different services. These include the ice rink, music events and fire works displays, which might attract different generations and increase the public's awareness of Somerset house and increase the chance of them visiting the galleries. Another objectives is to increase repeat customers and improve the public's image about Somerset house at the moment there is little repeat customer, Somerset house can improve repeat customer by publishing a programme brochure for the different seasons of the year which lists the events that will take place. ...read more.


This would attract many parents therefore leading to an increase in the sales and number of people visiting Somerset house. It would also improve the public's image of summerset house being a place of births, deaths and marriages. The other market I would like to explore is the market of the younger generations; this would be good customers if they were pleased with the service they receive, as they are most likely to tell there friend about what they have seen or how good and spectacular the event was and then may be come back to visit again. Which h would form repeat customers and increase sale. Competition Somerset house does not only compete with museum but also other restaurants and gold and silver shops in inner London. Somerset house does not only compete locally but it also has national and international competition because of the single market in Europe, this causes even a greater threat to Somerset house as museums can enter the UK museum freely. Its many competitors in the museum industry include the natural history museum, national gallery, science museum, British museum imperial war museum and madam Tussauds etc. Most of these museums due to recent government legation offer free entrance to the public at all times yet they have a competitive advantage over Somerset house. But still to most of the upper class people it looks like they are getting a better service because they are paying. There is also a problem as Somerset house has to prove to the public that the service the public will receive from Somerset house is worth the money, Somerset house could do this through product differentiation, adding valve to the service they provide. The other competitors are the restaurants located in London; these compete aggressively with Somerset house the location of Somerset house gives it a completive advantage. Whole market development The market for museum is changing from the static's in my secondary research you can see that at in the early 1990's ...read more.


The graph above shows most tourists are overseas visitors to the UK, since internal trade was improved the UK receives loads of tourists and the remove of trade barriers and the introduction of a single currency in Europe has add to the number of tourists visiting the UK. You can also see from the graph that there are a total of 148 million tourists who are interested in day trips; this may include trips to museums which work as an advantage for Somerset house. I will have to gear my strategy to attract a large proportion of these tourists. This graph shows major tourism receipts the USA is the major tourism receipt with the UK at the bottom. Tourism in the UK economy Economic indicator � billion Tourism share domestic 838 3.6% Consumers spending 523 5.7% All export 351 4.5% Services exports 60 26.5% The most relevant data from this table is the service exports, services that the UK provides to tourists. It shows that the service usage by tourist's accounts for 26.5% of the U.K. economy and this figure is increasing yearly. Months of trip Months U.K. trips % Residents over seas visits % January 6 6 February 7 5 March 7 7 April 9 9 May 9 9 June 7 8 July 9 11 August 12 12 September 7 9 October 8 9 November 7 7 December 11 8 From the table above u can see that in the winter time trips to UK places are high in the wintertime. Which will be advantage if am to promote the ice rink as a winter activity, this might attract a larger number of UK day-trippers and increase my sales. Also from the table I have highlighted the importance of having a summer activity, though the numbers of UK residents going abroad are high there is a large majority of people who remain in the UK for there holidays not forgetting those who come from abroad to visit the UK. Candidate no:1541 ...read more.

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