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researching the business

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Task 6: Researching the business The business that I chose to visit and research was Toni & Guy a very well known hairdressing salon located in Stockton Heath. The reason I chose to visit and observe it is because this hairdressing salon is located in the same area that I would want to place my own business. Also I think it would be my main competition and by researching it I would hope to collect data that would help me compete with this business. I think that the business started off as a partnership as when the business was first opened it was by two brothers named Toni and Guy who were sharing responsibility for managing the business. As the business has progressed I think that it has now formed in to a Public Limited Company. ...read more.


Also it is an easily accessible place so it means that staff and customers will be able to get there easily. The area that it is located in has a lot of people pass through easy day because it is right near Warrington town centre so this means that there are a lot of potential customers so it means a lot of potential profit. The business offers a wide range of goods and services to suit many different target markets. Although the business's main priority is to advertise its hairdressing instead of just offering this the business also offers hair styling products. I think the reason the business does this is to attract other/more customers and to try and increase profits as much as possible. The business offers rather expensive products I think the reason it does this is to try and imply to the customers that the business will offer quality and exceptional goods. ...read more.


I think opening a new business would be good for the community for many reasons. One reason would be because it would give the people of the community more choice also it means that there would be different price ranges so all types of people in the community will be able to get their hair cut. A disadvantage is the fact that instead of opening a different shop another hairdressers will be opened in the area where as a different shop could benefit the community more. An advantage of opening a new hairdressing shop in the community for Toni & Guy would be that it could be healthy competition and it could also attract more customers for the whole community not just for that business. A disadvantage would be the fact that it could attract customers away from the existing business. Overall I think that this business is very successful and I would hope my hairdressing business could be as successful. ...read more.

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