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Researching two very different companies, Tesco and Cadbury Schweppes.

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Tesco Introduction I am researching two very different companies, who do very different things. They are Tesco and Cadbury Schweppes. I will also be looking at their aims and objectives and looking at what they do to try and meet these aims and whether or not they have achieved them. Another thing I will be looking at is how the companies aims have changed over time and why this has happened. Aims & Objectives Tesco's core purpose is all about customers: "Creating value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty," is what they base everything round. This is because the public are their target group and are the people who buy their products. A company has many aims. An aim is a general target. First and foremost, their aim is to carry on holding out and making sure that they survive in the industry and not collapse at the first hurdle. Tesco's first aim must have been to survive and now that it is past that stage it is able to broaden its horizons and make huge money making aims and objectives. An objective is a specific, precise and informative target. Setting achievable aims is sensible as setting too high goals would not be very realistic and would not really be achievable. Like all businesses and supermarkets you have to have certain goals to help you set yourself up and get somewhere in the industry. Tesco's strategy focuses on four elements they are core business, non-food business, retailing services and international. * Core business Tesco say that the UK remains their core market. Although they are opening Tesco's in different countries in Europe and in Asia, the majority of their stores, 1,982, are in the UK. In 2003 alone, Tesco opened 62 stores in the UK. Tesco's plan of providing exceptional value and choice for customers guarantees that they are able to continue to grow market share. ...read more.


Also it had made a profit in 8 of its 10 markets. Tesco also aimed to open between 10 and 20 stores a year in Japan. Another reason for Tesco aiming to open stores and opening stores in different countries is so that they get a bigger name world-wide and so that they can become a household name all over the world. This is a very good aim as if it is a success, which it proves to have been so far, it'll be very profitable. They have also decided to start Tesco online shopping in the US and see how it progresses over there. As Tesco's home shopping business has seemed to do so well, they have introduced them in Ireland and Korea and are now able to be known as "an international dotcom retailer". On the whole, Tesco have been very successful internationally, especially compared to other supermarkets, but they can still aim to achieve higher, by introducing many of the things they have here, in other countries. Internationally retailing-wise, Tesco have done unbelievably well as their home shopping seems to have been a great hit in the majority of the countries. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility is all about everything outside the business but in some way associated to the business. It involves things about the environment, suppliers, farming, communities, charities, staff and lastly the customers. Tesco aim to help the society as much as they possibly can. By including themselves into helping the society they are helping themselves get a bigger name and gain more profit. * Environment Tesco aim to minimise the amount of waste produced by recycling as much possible, wherever possible. Tesco recycle old carrier bags to old mobile phones. They have recycled over 350,000 of their customers old mobile phones and 35,000 inkjet cartridges. The raised money then goes to charity. Tesco have installed recycling bins outside the majority of their stores. ...read more.


They are trying to meet this aim by opening stores gradually all over Asia and Europe. One of Tesco's core purposes is to "understand customers better than anyone." A way of trying do this is by having customer surveys. Tesco regularly ask their customers what they think, to ensure that they are always satisfied. Another way in which they are trying to please their customers is by having a four store format. This is so that the customers have access to stores all the time, everywhere. To meet their aim of making sure that their products are the cheapest, Tesco have employed a team of price checkers who, every week, check that Tesco's prices are the best around. In a business, satisfying customers is the most important thing, as they are the people who provide you with your service. Finding out their needs helps the business enormously. Tesco need to make sure that their customers are happy because if they are not, then they will not return. They make sure they are happy by introducing things such as 'One In Front'. This is about when the customers are queuing up to pay for their items. When doing so, they are guaranteed that no more than one person will be in front of them. This is because customers do not like waiting minutes on end. If there is more than one person in front, at several different checkouts, then Tesco will have to open a new one. How and why might their objectives change over time? A business has to constantly keep up with the changes of their customers, which means that they have to regularly change things or maybe introduce new things. Another reason for having to change things is maybe because other companies have introduced something new and to make sure that you don't have a decrease in profits and in customers, you have to introduce the same sort of thing. Tesco believe that as their customers shopping habits change, they should change and respond to the change by providing new products and services. ...read more.

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