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Response letter from Alton Towers.

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Alton Towers Alton Staffordshire ST10 4DB www.altontowers.com Dear Student Thank you for choosing Alton Towers as your research assignment, I am pleased to enclose our Student Information Pack herewith. As I am sure you can appreciate, we receive thousands of student enquiries every year ranging from 'How many people visit Alton Towers?' to 'Why has Alton Towers built a second hotel?' and I hope that some of your questions have been included and that the given answers will be of help to your project. However, if the information you have asked for is not included, it is because that particular material is either confidential or not available for public consumption. GNVQ Key stage 3 & 4 Science resource packs and GNVQ Key Stage 3 & 4 Design and Technology resource packs are two additional resources on Alton Towers that are available to purchase by calling 0870 400 3090. Yours sincerely Russell Barnes Divisional Director Alton Towers GENERAL ALTON TOWERS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS What is Alton Towers? Alton Towers is a theme park resort aimed at families. It has the UK's most famous theme park on site, two hotels, a major conference centre, Spa and waterpark. Where is Alton Towers? Alton Towers is situated in 500 acres of Staffordshire countryside approximately 50 miles north of Birmingham and 50 miles south of Manchester. Its nearest train stations are located 15 miles away in Stoke on Trent and Stafford, and the resort is easily accessible by road. Why is Alton Towers located where it is? Alton Towers wasn't built as you currently see it. The house itself was originally a simple hunting lodge, which was added to and enlarged over many years, until it became a stately home, which was occupied by the Earls of Shrewsbury until the 1920's. They developed the estate primarily for pleasure, hence the extent of the gardens that surround the house itself. ...read more.


Through mainstream advertising and PR strategies, i.e. TV adverts, press adverts, poster campaigns, direct marketing and editorial features. How are coach groups targeted? Coach groups and group organisers are targeted via the trade sales department and through direct mail and trade PR. The Trade Sales Team work out in the field visiting coach operators and tour operators for example, helping them to set up trips to our attractions. How are companies targeted? Companies are a vital part of the trade market for Alton Towers and are targeted via the main TV campaign, trade PR, direct mail and direct calls from sales representatives. How are school parties targeted? School parties are targeted by direct calls and direct mail. Visits to Alton Towers are communicated to schools as a fun and educational day out. An onsite education centre has been established to help students with assignments on park. How does Alton Towers know what guests want from their day out? Alton Towers conducts extensive research to ensure our guests experience a magical day out. Questionnaires are left on car windscreens and in bedrooms at the Alton Towers Hotels. The results are collated and fed back on a monthly basis. This type of research is called Customer Satisfaction Research. We have been conducting the same type of research for over ten years, so comparative results are very robust. More specific questionnaires are also produced for special events to get instant feedback, this is known as Real Time Research. What does Alton Towers do with this information? Once the results have been collected and processed, they are distributed to appropriate departments who look at ways in which all aspects of Alton Towers can be improved. What improvements have come out of customer research? A good example is the introduction of branded food partners McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut that came about as a direct result of the research in 1997. ...read more.


The opening of the original Alton Towers Hotel and Splash Landings Hotel was a strategic investment, reflecting Alton Towers' new focus on the important and fast growing UK short break market. The Alton Towers Hotel was an immediate success in 1996, with occupancies of between 14% and 34% in the Park's closed season and 100% during the summer holidays. Since then, demand has continued to rise, and full occupancy in both hotels was reached within the first few weeks of Splash Landings opening! Are both hotels open all the year round? Both hotels remain open throughout the year, and the new 550 capacity Conference Centre, one of the largest in the UK, ensures that we are kept busy. In addition of course, the Waterpark ensures that guests have plenty to keep them occupied during their stay, and we are able to provide a number of dynamic events during November - February, and limited park availability for hotel guests. THRILL RIDE DATA RIDE NAME> RITA - QUEEN OF SPEED LAUNCH DATE> > March 2005 COST> >�8 MILLION TOTAL G-FORCE> >4.7 G'S TRACK LENGTH> > 647 METRES HEIGHT OF DROP> >18.4 METRES RIDE DURATION> >49 SECONDS MAXIMUM SPEED> >100KM PER HOUR CAPACITY PER CAR> > 20 PASSENGERS CAPACITY PER HOUR> >1150 PASSENGERS RIDE NAME> AIR LAUNCH DATE> > 16.03.02 COST> >�12 MILLION TOTAL G-FORCE> >3.5 G'S TRACK LENGTH> >840 METRES HEIGHT OF DROP> >20 METRES RIDE DURATION> >189 SECONDS MAXIMUM SPEED> >75KM PER HOUR CAPACITY PER CAR> >28 PASSENGERS CAPACITY PER HOUR> >1500 PASSENGERS RIDE NAME> OBLIVION LAUNCH DATE> >14.3.98 COST> >�12 MILLION TOTAL G-FORCE> >4.5G'S TRACK LENGTH> >373 METRES HEIGHT OF DROP> >60 METRES RIDE DURATION> >160 SECONDS MAXIMUM SPEED> >110KM PER HOUR CAPACITY PER CAR> >16 PASSENGERS CAPACITY PER HOUR> >1900 PASSENGERS RIDE NAME> >NEMESIS LAUNCH DATE> >19.3.94 COST> >�10 MILLION TOTAL G-FORCE> >4 G'S TRACK LENGTH> >716 METRES HEIGHT OF DROP> >13 METRES RIDE DURATION> >195 SECONDS MAXIMUM SPEED> >81KM PER HOUR CAPACITY PER CAR> >32 PASSENGERS CAPACITY PER HOUR> >1400 PASSENGERS ...read more.

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