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Responsibilites of the Different Functional Areas of a Company.

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Functional Areas Sales Department This department is responsible for advising customers on the best goods or services available for their needs. The staff might be involved in: - keeping sales records * staff will need to use computer packages to record the transactions so the IT department will have to install proper programs on their computers - dealing with customers enquiries - preparing quotations - providing technical advice - negotiating financial terms for larger purchases * effect of discounts will has influence on break even because the business will have to sell more products to match the break even point and the finance department need to know this Research and Development Department This department is concerned with generating/developing new products/services, updating old products/services and anticipating stages of product life cycle. ...read more.


wages - preparing accounts - obtaining capital for expansion - monitoring expenditure against budget * if an employee will spend more money that the agreed budget, the human resources may have to co-operate with the finance department which will have to make a disciplinary meeting with this employee - checking there is always enough money to pay current bills - producing information at regular intervals The Facility Management Department This department is concerned with planning and managing the business properties to make sure that the working environment is health, safe and secure. The staff may be involved in: - ensuring buildings and external areas are well maintained - carrying out maintenance and repairs * they will need to work with the finance department because they will need money for the repairs - supplying catering and vending service - ensuring buildings ...read more.


who work in the business. It tries to ensure that the business employs suitable staff who works in a safe environment. The staff may be involved in: - advertising job vacancies through the media or at an employment agency - receiving and recording all job applications - arranging interviews for candidates - arranging training for staff (induction training for new employees and internal/external training for existing employees) *they will have to work with the finance department because they might need additional money for the trainings - carrying out staff welfare policies - advising on employment law and regulations * they will need to give a proper training for HR staff to ensure they know all the new rules and regulations to properly deal with all employees in the business ...read more.

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