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RETAIL DISPLAY PROJECT Title: Window Display Buyrchiyeva Natalie Course: Business/ Retail Firstly I had to choose the idea for the window display. I searched internet, looked in windows displays to other shops, heard to the advice of friends and decided to choose brandy. I selected the brandy, because I saw many examples in other window displays and much information about the brandy can be found on the Internet. Secondly, I made a few pictures on similar windows displays in town for my story board. In my story board I used different colour from light yellow to brown. I chose these colours, because, when we hear the word of brandy, we mean the following colours: light yellow, amber, light brown and brown. ...read more.


- the aroma of an old, slightly oxidized wine, a little reminiscent of the forest, and almonds. This is the main characteristic of the good old spirits, which with age have become stronger. Brandy gets pretty fiery colour. The natural decline in the inherent strength and reduces the burning sensation of alcohol. The older the brandy, the longer it persists aftertaste (up to several minutes). (age.http://www.elitarium.ru/2006/09/01/konjak_istorija_proiskhozhdenie_i_klassifikacija.html) I chose this style of writing (Mongolian Baiti 28), because it is well suited to the topic. I chose these accessories: glass, barrel and bottle, because brandy is stored in barrels, then bottle it off and drink out of glass. I hope my accessories were noticeable. Guidelines on completing window displays: I prepared every thing for my window display: * Bottle of brandy * Candles * Chocolate * 2 glasses Made my window display at home and take a few pictures how it is will look like. ...read more.


This will be easiest if neither you nor the screen is directly facing windows or bright lights. Adjust curtains or blinds to prevent unwanted light. * Make sure there is space under your desk to move your legs freely. Move any obstacles such as boxes or equipment. * Avoid excess pressure from the edge of your seat on the backs of your legs and knees. A footrest may be helpful, particularly for smaller users. Always carry scissors with the tapered end towards the floor; when passing to another person-- pass handle first. In this project I made pictures, chose colour and completed first window display in my life. I think this is good experience for me in the future. Displays are very effective in attracting the passing public to enter the shop and make purchases. If the window display or display outside the shop is attractive it immediately gives the impression that the goods inside are of good quality. ...read more.

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