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1. YOU ARE TO PRODUCE AN INFORMAL REPORT TO YOUR SENIOR MANAGER REVIEWING THE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION METHODS USED IN YOUR ORGANISATION. What does the firm need? * The right people * In the right place * At the right time * At the right cost. The need for effective recruitment and selection Our organisation will seek to recruit new staff if it has identified vacancies because. - * Possible expanding production and needs more employees with the same skills as existing staff. * Key staff leave for other jobs, retire or dismissal and needs to be replaced. * Staff may be promoted to more senior positions within the organisation, leaving their previous jobs vacant. * Introduction of new technology, so employees with skills in the use of the new equipment are required. * Restructuring and job roles have changed so new employees with different skills and aptitudes are required. Current process of recruitment and selection Process chart appendix 1 Advertisement The following methods are used to attract potential candidates. * The local papers. * The job centre. * Internet. * Word of mouth. By increasing methods of advertising this could lead to a better standard of candidate applying. The application It is vitally important that the application form is tailored to the specific post that is being advertised, as well as asking questions that are relevant, legal, inoffensive and essential. Once these application forms have been completed and returned to our business (often with a CV and a covering letter) then the short-listing process will ensue, this involves analysing the CVs and the application forms and deciding which applicants appear to be most suitable for the post. Once this is done, and then the company secretary will contact the successful applicants and ask them to attend an interview. The interview This is initial conducted by the MD and his methods are unplanned and made up as he goes along. ...read more.


evaluations are made * Decisions tend to be made within the first few minutes of the interview with the remainder of the interview used to validate or justify the original decision * Interviewers form stereotypes concerning the characteristics required for success on the job * Research has shown disproportionate rates of selection between minority and non-minority members using interviews * Negative information seems to be given more weight * Not much evidence of validity of the selection procedure * Not as reliable as tests Personality Tests A selection procedure measures the personality characteristics of applicants that are related to future job performance. Personality tests typically measure one or more of five personality dimensions: extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Advantages * Can result in lower turnover due if applicants are selected for traits that are highly correlated with employees who have high longevity within the organization * Can reveal more information about applicant's abilities and interests * Can identify interpersonal traits that may be needed for certain jobs Disadvantages * Difficult to measure personality traits that may not be well defined * Applicant's training and experience may have greater impact on job performance than applicant's personality * Responses by applicant may be altered by applicant's desire to respond in a way they feel would result in their selection * Lack of diversity if all selected applicants have same personality traits * Cost of results * Lack of may be prohibitive for both the test and interpretation evidence to support validity of use of personality tests * Select traits carefully An employer that selects applicants with high degree of 'assertiveness', 'independence', and 'self-confidence' may end up excluding females significantly more than males, which would result in adverse impact. * Select tests carefully Any tests should have been analysed for (high) reliability and (low) adverse impact. * Not used exclusively Personality tests should not be the sole instrument used for selecting applicants. ...read more.


2. The Employment Rights Act, 1996 (covering unfair dismissal, redundancy and maternity). 3. The Public Interest Disclosure Act, 1998 (covering employees who disclose confidential information). 4. The Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 (covering working conditions and the provision of safety equipment and hygiene). 5. The National Minimum Wage Act, 1999 (making it illegal for employers to pay less than �3.60 per hour to its full-time staff who are aged over 21). 6. The Equal Pay Act, 1970 (stating that pay and working conditions must be equal for employees of the opposite sex who are performing the same work). 7. The Sex Discrimination Act, 1975 (stating that it is illegal to discriminate against an employee or an applicant for a job, on the grounds of their sex or their marital status). 8. The Race Relations Act, 1976 (stating that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee, or an applicant for a job, on the grounds of their ethnic background). 9. The Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 (stating that it is illegal for a business with 20 or more employees to discriminate against an employee, or an applicant for a job, on the grounds of their disability). It is important that my employer does disregard the following when he recruits. - * "Disability. * Gender. * Marital or parental status. * Age. * Race. * Colour * Nationality. * Ethnic or national origin. * Religious belief. * Sexual orientation. * Membership of TU. * Spent offences."(REF4) 5. WHILST REVIEWING THE PROCESSES OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION, MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHANGES AND / OR IMPROVEMENTS TO THE METHODS CURRENTLY USED IN YOUR ORGANISATION. Possible Improvements Skill shortages exist in our area and the firm finds it more difficult to recruit professional and technical staff, skilled manual workers, managers and staff. * The position would find more suitable candidates if the position was marketed more e.g. advertised on the Internet, job centre, more papers ect. * Speedier response, if forms could be emailed for sending and receiving. ...read more.

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