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Richer Sounds have functional areas to be able to have an organised and successful business.

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Functional areas Richer Sounds have functional areas to be able to have an organised and successful business. Big companies or even smaller businesses need to have the functional areas in order to be able to have a successful business. A functional area organises the business into different parts and areas of the business. The company elects or forwards a person to do a specific task. Renowned and big companies are split up into departments these departments are big and require are a lot of attention. Below is a description of functions carried out within a Richer Sounds. Human resources - these relates to the colleagues of Richer Sounds they ensures the business has the best staff for the job and they can work in a safe environment. They train their staff to be able to work in stores. Finance - It is headed by John Carrier. His job is to keep records of all money coming in and going out of the business, it also deals with funds by paying wages and salaries and this department also prepares accounts, and keeps all the documents for future reference. ...read more.


Store operations - store operation deals with the store management. The main responsibilities of store operations are:- * Setting each store's budget in relation to its overheads * Checking that all the stores achieve their targets. This includes monitoring store sales, making sure that the stores are operating within their budget and receiving good reports on customer service. * Taking action if targets are not being met by advising and supporting the store managers * Checking stock orders sent in by the stores. They check both the type of stock and the quantity ordered. * Communicating with all stores to give regular feedback and advice. * Deciding the minimum staffing level (MSL) of each store. * Organizing stores visits and obtaining regular feedback from colleagues. * Customizing individual stores to meet local needs in relation to layout, opening hours or prices. * Managing colleague problems and serious disciplinary issues. * Ensuring store managers undertake health and safety risk assessments on a regular basis. ...read more.


The reason is because ICT and technology enables people to communicate more easily and conducive due to the development improvement. They can improve by the use of video conferencing which allows two or more departments to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. They can also improve by making the business a paper less business which involves the use of ICT throughout the business and it makes it less stress for the business. They can also use ICT to design newsletters to all their customers advertising the business. They can offer special deals to existing customers by giving the customers discount, half prices and others. They can also use This enables people to communicate more easily and more quickly. Internal communications includes the communication within the business. Richer sounds use these kinds of communications because they need to communicate from directors or senior mangers to colleagues. They also communicate from different functional areas or department of richer sounds to another. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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