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rights and responsiblities at richer sounds

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Unit 2: Task F Rights and Responsibility At Richer Sounds Richer Sounds state that they also have certain rights as an employer. They say that some of these are the express rights which they clearly state in their Contract of Employment and the Terms and Condition of Employment. Implied terms and express terms are also noted in their Contract of Employment to show their employees that they have rights as well. 1: Implied terms are not written into your contract of employment, but are considered to be part of it, for example, a duty to provide a healthy and safe working environment for you. Some terms and clauses are implied in a contract by law or custom and practiced without being mentioned by any party. An example of this is in a contract to supply services there is an implied term that the services will be carried out with reasonable care and skill. Implied terms by custom and practice can always be overridden by express terms. Some implied terms can't be overridden, particularly those relating to consumers. Implied terms include: * The duty of the employer to provide a secure, safe and healthy environment for employees * The employee's duty of honesty and loyal service * An implied duty of mutual trust and confidence between you and your employees That neither side will act in such a way as to breach that trust * A term too obvious to need stating, e.g. that your employee will not steal from you * Any terms that are necessary to make the contract workable, e.g. ...read more.


To qualify for statutory sick pay and payment from the company's sick pay scheme, they must complete a self-certificate when their absence lasts from 0.5 to 7 days, including Saturday or Sunday. A doctor's or hospital certificate must be produced for all absences exceeding 7 days. * Hours of work- Approximately 40 hours each week over 5 days, Monday to Saturday with one day off during the week. * Notice- This contract can be terminated by notice by either party as follows: Notice by employer: Under 1 month's service - Nil Over 1 month but less than 5 years' service - 1 month 5 year's service or more - 1 week for each completed year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks Notice by employee: Under 1 month's service - Nil Over 1 month - 1 month.. * Grievances and grievance procedure- If an employee has a grievance relating to their employment, they have the right to express this in accordance with the company's grievance procedure. This procedure is described fully in the employee handbook. Rules of Employment- Specific Richer Sounds Business Needs and Requires. These are some of the rules that Richer sounds agree to: * To give colleagues notice if we want them to work additional hours. We promise to give them as much notice as possible. * To pay colleagues at the end of the month and issue an itemised pay statement. * To review salaries annually - although increases are not automatic. ...read more.


Accordingly, it may be necessary for colleagues to be transferred internally. However, discussion with the colleagues concerned would always take place before the transfer occurs. Richer sounds are very keen to take action quickly whenever a hazard is highlighted. For example, they found that many staff were tempted to climb up the racking in the storeroom to access stock quickly when they were busy. This is potentially hazardous, so we made certain that all stores had adequate ladders and kick step safety stools and that all colleagues received training about lifting and moving stock. All colleagues receive comprehensive health and safety training when they start working at Richer Sounds and at various times later in their careers. All colleagues learn about their own health and safety responsibilities during induction, i.e.: * to take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of themselves, their fellow workers or individuals working on company premises and visiting members of the public and to carry out all instructions laid down by the company * to report immediately to their manager all instances of damage or accident and all potential hazards * to suggest ways of improving health and safety, wherever appropriate * to cooperate fully in the event of an accident occurring at their particular place of work, of either themselves or of others * to have proper regard for the health and safety both of themselves and of others when on the premises of other companies Richer sounds give all their employees rights and responsibilities, and ask that all employees adhere to what they are asked to. ?? ?? ?? ?? Task f Lauren Herelle 11OR ...read more.

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