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Role of Deputy Manager at topshop

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Merit 1 In this task I will be looking at the monitoring procedures and I will be explaining the reasons s to why recruitment is important and why it is needed. I will be looking at the contract of employment which is in task 1 on page 3. The three parts that I will be looking at are: * holiday pay/sick pay * health and safety * the hours of work Holiday pay/Sick pay The holiday pay and sick pay for the Deputy Manager of Topshop allows the Deputy Manager to take time off when they are taking a holiday but because the job role is quite an important part to the business then the number of times that they will be able to take off will be limited because the deputy manager has greater responsibility towards the business and the business will run smoothly by the help of this person. If the business does not need as much help at a particular period then the time the deputy manager will be allowed to take time off for emergencies that may be needed. When it is the actual holiday times such as the summer holiday or then there will be no pay for the holiday time taken because this is one of the busiest times for the shop and the most customers will come and a lot more of employees will be needed. If for any reason the deputy manager is ill and has a reason ten they will be paid sick pay as this is not their fault. ...read more.


If the employee's job is not carried out then the business may not make as much profit as they should be. Also the deputy manager may not have the same length of holiday time during the holiday the deputy manager might need to do some paper work because they are behind so their holiday time will be cut but they will get paid more, the deputy manager may not have any choice because the business really needs help. Sick pay might not be paid all the time because that job rile is important and the deputy manger needs to be in as much as possible although it may not be their fault that they are ill ,the employees will need someone to be in charge. The deputy manger may be move around a lot to different topshops and this may be difficult for the deputy manger because they have to sort out work everywhere and they have to travel even more. On the contract of employment it may have just stated that the deputy manger will be working just ion one Topshop branch. Reasons for recruitment procedures The reasons why there are recruitment procedures are because the business needs to find the suitable person for the job and if there aren't any recruitment procedures then the business may end up recruiting someone that is not suitable for the job role and this will waste the time of the business and make the business lose money. ...read more.


If the procedure of the interview does not take place then when the applicant works as the deputy manger they may struggle and by going through an interview they can make sure that the person that they pick will not struggle. When new employees start work they need to be trained because they have to know what they are doing or they would end up doing it wrong and cause problems. Especially if the business has recruited employees that have no experience in using tills than they would need to be trained for that. The employees have to be set targets to see how they are getting on and what they have learnt so far. They are monitored by the employer to see if they are having any problems so the employer can work with them and they can improve. If the employees have reached the targets that they have been set then they can work towards the new targets that are set so that the employer is satisfied that the new employee is doing well and they may even get a chance of moving up. The employees have to get used to the working environment and they have to be at a good standard until the employer notes them of when they will be starting. If the employer just lets the employees get on the employer will not know if the employee is doing well and if they are having problems the employee may not mention it because they are scared they may lose the job. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael ...read more.

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