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Role of human resources.

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Task 2 - Role of human resources People, or human resources are the most important resource in any organisation and, not surprisingly there is a direct link between the quality of the workforce and commercial success. To succeed, an organisation needs staff who are committed to meeting its aims and objectives, equipped to do so by adequate training motivated by management to achieve their potential. It is the job of human resource management to recruit, develop and maintain quality staff. Within a small business of maybe 2 or 3 employees the responsibilities ill lie with the owner of the business. While smallish companies have one person who's job it is to look after issues relating to staff. Large organisations with many employees on the other hand will have a whole section devoted to personnel. The main purpose of the human resource department is to recruit, select, train and develop staff. This means finding the people, training and developing them to they can achieve their full potential and creating systems that achieve high levels of morale and motivation. ...read more.


This is a thorough job analysis. The aim of this is ensure the job fits the needs of the organisation. Each job will have a written job description that can be referred to if there is any dispute over employees responsibilities. Job descriptions may need to be updated when a persons role change. There are various things that a job description will included these are; * Job title * Grade * Department * Location * Responsible to and for * Purpose of the job * Duties and responsibilities * Qualifications * Special notes - I.e. noisy environment * Reference: Next the company will prepare the person specification which is basically describing the best person for the job that is advertised. When this is complete they company will advertise the post. they will need to decide which way is better for them to advertise. They could either advertise internally locally or nationally. This will help they find they person candidate for the job. Once this has been complete the company will issue application forms and then from this they will shortlist who they think the best candidates are and issue them with a interview. ...read more.


The company may also have continuous training so they their existing employees are always being taught how the can provide a better quality service to the company. This will ensure everybody can provide the best quality service. Advertisement There are various ways in which the human resource department can advertise their job vacancy. They can either chose to advertise the job internally or externally. If the job is advertised externally then they may have to decide which form of advertisement is better e.g. local radio, job centre, newspaper. This may be influenced by the businesses advertising budget. Contracts The human resources department will be in charge of drawing up contracts for new recruits. This is similar to a job description but this is a legal requirement which will tell the employee what their main duties are and their wages, who they are responsible to and their hours of work. Complaints Human resources department will take care of all the complaints either made by staff or clients / customers. They will have a procedure for dealing with complaints which they will follow every time a complaint is made. Lisa Emmett Unit 4 human resource ...read more.

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