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Role of the Personnel manager

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In many companies, managers are employed. Managers are essential to the organisation of businesses. They are high authority workers that are responsible for the daily operation of the company, and they have a number of lower hierarchy employees under their authority. Managers are under the authority of the directors of a company, although some managers are also directors, e.g. managing director. In these circumstances, they are referred to as executive directors. Many employees in an organisation can undertake the role of a manager. This is because there are so many diverse roles that require to be embarked upon in an organisation. For instance, there may be senior or junior managers who each ensure the operation of their department. There are many roles that managers take on. Being the personnel manager of Hamptons, the roles I have are detailed below. * Identifying the objectives of businesses: These objectives would vary according to the role each manager has. A personnel manager would try to ensure the maximum efficiency is produced from the workers, and that workers are motivated. A managing director may set targets for the business, such as increasing market share. Managers can realise the objectives they need to set by evaluating the company's performance. ...read more.


The personnel manager has the task of organising one of the main factors of production - the workers. The personnel manager has the duty of ensuring that there are enough workers in the business, and he has the task of making sure that they are working to the highest standards. This can be achieved by making sure that disrupting employees are disciplined and that their needs are satisfied (e.g. wages). * Monitoring the business activity: Managers have the task of making sure that the business activity is carried out. This means they have to ensure that workers are producing the goods or services at a productive rate. It is the responsibility of the personnel manager to provide appropriate working times to ensure that workers complete their work effectively. The Personnel manager may be required to check that staff are meeting targets on time, and that staff are trained well to cope with the requirements of their jobs. * Controlling the business activity: Managers who control the business activity have the responsibility of making sure that certain products are finished on time. They usually get an order from the managing director, and this is passed down through the chain of command to the workers by the managers. ...read more.


The next step in the recruitment process, after the job advertisement method, is to implement a person specification and a job description for the vacant posts. A person specification is a document that identifies the qualities and skills that a candidate for the job should possess. This is essential when it comes to the selection procedure, as the person specification would allow the selectors to distinguish each candidate according to their ability from each other. This would ultimately assist the selection procedure. The person specification includes details regarding an individual's achievements. They include the qualifications that they possess and the experience they have. After a job advertisement is advertised, it is necessary to produce a new or revised description of the vacant job, outlining the duties and responsibilities of the individual that accepts the job. This would be much more formal and specific in contrast to the job advertisement, which gives a brief overview of the features of the job. This detailed account of the requirements for a job is known as the job description. The job description would contain many details on the roles, responsibilities, duties and tasks that a successful candidate for the specified job should possess. These include details such as the individual's position in the company, and the employees that the individual would be responsible for. Person Specification for a Gym Instructor ...read more.

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