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Roles and Responsibilities of Bodies that represent Employees Employee organisations

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Roles and Responsibilities of Bodies that represent Employees Employee organisations The main bodies that represent employees in most organisations today are trade unions. A Trade Union is a body, which represents employees working within a certain organisation. The main job of the trade union is that they protect the rights of the employees and make sure they are well looked after by the organisation for which they work and that they are not being taken advantage of. Trade unions have been around for over 200 years and their role has changed considerably throughout the years. The main functions of trade unions are to improve the economic position and improve working conditions of its members In order for a trade union to be recognised by firms then they need to register themselves with the TUC (Trades Union Congress). Any employee is free to join and employers must recognise the trade union and negotiate deals. Employers are not allowed to join as there view on employee's rights may be biased. Trade Unions have many features. They listen to all their members and act as the middleman by presenting their members views to the employer. They use a term called collective bargaining, which can be used to negotiate a deal. A group of Unions go to the employer rather than a few of them, and try to convince the employer that the employees are not satisfied and wish to have improvements made. They negotiate pay raises for their members, and try and improve working conditions; also they make sure the rights of their members are not violated. In order for trade unions to get what their members have a right to; it is quite common for them to take drastic action. ...read more.


All of the Blacks stores are assessed by the health and safety officers to make sure that they are safe to work in. By doing this employees will not feel endangered working there. The stock room also needs to be of a substantial size otherwise it will become overcrowded with stock and make it very difficult to work under those conditions. As a result the staff association needs to ensure that the working conditions are good. There was a big problem with the floorboards and some of the flooring was coming loose. Also the floorboards would constantly creek because they had not been laid down properly. The floorboards have been the same ones for nearly two years now. As a result of many complaints from customers and workers the manager finally discussed the matter with the staff association. The matter was dealt with as soon as possible by Blacks and the store was closed for a day so that new floorboards could be re-fitted. Analysis of working conditions It could be said that again the staff association are contributing in a positive way. The second they heard that there was a problem with the working conditions they were very quick to act. This shows that they really are representing the rights of the employees and the results on this occasion were better working conditions for employees. Another benefit that has come out of this is that it shows that Blacks values its customer's opinions. Customers initially complained about the floor boards and Blacks proved that the business really is customer based. Reviewing Job descriptions and specifications The staff association at Blacks have the right to go through employees' contract so as to discern the employees' job description and specification. ...read more.


The employers seem to always be the bad people in business. So who can the employers refer to for help? The Institute Of Directors. The IOD is a worldwide association of members aiming to provide a professional network that reaches into every corner of the business community that provides support to directors and top managers. All the managers and directors at Blacks rely on this organisation for support. Members receive a variety of benefits including * Information * Advice * Training schemes * Have conferences * Hand out publications to help solve problems I believer that the IOD contribute positively feel that this organisation does contribute positively because as I mentioned before, employees have excellent working conditions and it is partly down to the information provided by this organisation. It shows that they want to ensure a good health and safety policy for employees. The IOD also provide advice to managers on how to handle certain issues that the staff association raises to them. An example could be when the staff association demands pay rises. I believe that the IOD also contributes positively in offering managers and directors the best advice. Managers are starting to become more and more aware of what motivates staff and have used the knowledge gained from these meetings to benefit Blacks. The IOD provides training programs for each manager to attend. In these training programs managers can learn to develop managerial skills such as problem solving and time management. These training programs can also be discussed in conferences that that managers have together. This develops their managerial skills and it builds up their individual attributes. The organisation has clear objectives and it contributes positively to the managers needs. Hence they represent the manager's rights adequately. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 21 ...read more.

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