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Running a marketing campaign for a sport shop which will be selling sports equipment and sports clothing

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Introduction & Aims In this marketing project I am going to look at a sport shops. I will be running a marketing campaign for a sport shop which will be selling sports equipment and sports clothing; this is because I am interested in sports and think there is a gap in the market for sports wear. The business will target people who want sports equipment, sport shoes, clothing etc. The business will be called 'Adams Sports'. I will need to conduct careful research into my target market and use the knowledge I have of the area to choose the right promotional techniques.. My research objectives are: 1. To see where the demand for my service is the highest 2. Also to see how much competition there is in the particular area 3. Find the right location using the above aims 4. To find out the quality of service the customers expect. 5. Last and final to find out the cost of running a marketing campaign. I will need to gather the following information in order to meet my research objectives. I will need to conduct market research (eg. questionnaire) for people, to ask where they get their sports equipment from; this will give me an idea of the area to set up my business. I will look around the area and see how many sports shops there are and the competition by asking around, this will give me an idea what type of competition I am dealing with. The above research will help with the location. Another questionnaire will find out the quality of customer service the customers expect, for example excellent quality of service and high price. Finally, I will find out the cost of running a marketing campaign. Competition - Other businesses that sell comparable commodities and services to your business. Local Market - Where the business is determined to retail their merchandise and services. ...read more.


I have chosen to situate my business in barking central. In order to get a vast share of the market I would like to open a new Sport shop on the ground floor of Vicarage Field. I will set it up in this location because many people come into vicarage field to look at other shops and on the way they could see mine. The address will be unit 25, Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Ripple Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8DQ There is a direct competition close by, called JD Sports. However they are not inside the actual shopping centre and therefore should not pose too much of a threat. The shoppers will not have any trouble getting to my store as there is plenty means of transport, and a car park. The Economy If there were high unemployment in the local area, this would hugely affect Adams Sports because it would mean that consumers would have less money to spend on luxury goods because they are on benefit. Those people who are unemployed would be worrying about necessity goods instead of luxury, for example, utility bills, mortgages and food. But if they do wish to purchase luxury goods from Adams Sports, it will be in the medium range pricing, affordable enough for consumers to buy. However, if there were low unemployment in the local area, this would mean that customers would have more money to spend on luxury products. They will have a whole range of choice to choose from, which is called consumer power. If consumers want to purchase sporting goods, the price range would be medium high. * Recession - this is when there is high unemployment, consumer and government spending is low and this leads to companies going out of business. * War - If there is a war people become scared and so do not spend much money, it might also mean that imports are banned and so your suppliers may not be able to deliver stock. ...read more.


If people choose to do sports, they can buy trainers and sporting equipment such as footballs, tennis rackets and basketballs. Conclusion and recommendation My marketing could have been improved by organising it in a more detailed table. I also believe that the fact that I only used 1 advertising method would have not been enough I should have used more advertising methods and more direct approach methods. My original research was fairly reliable but to make the research more accurate more people could have been surveyed. How reliable was your original research and knowledge of the market? & What could you have done to make your research more accurate? I asked my questionnaire to 20 people this is not representative sample therefore my results are biased. If I was going to do my project again. I would want to ask a large number of people this would take a lot of time which means money. I should have asked more relevant question i.e. "what brand do you prefer". Also I could have asked a wider range of people such as the elderly. This would enable me to target a wider audience across barking and Dagenham and promote my business further. Did you use your research to plan appropriate marketing activities that would enable the new shop to compete and meet its objectives Yes all my objectives were achieved. To see where the demand for my service is the highest Also to see how much competition there is in the particular area Find the right location using the above aims To find out the quality of service the customers expect. Last and final to find out the cost of running a marketing campaign. Recommendations on improving the product range, how and why. As I am selling all sports equipment and things every sport should have . A final explanation about why you used the methods you did. I used all methods. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lukman Adam Business Studies Coursework ...read more.

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