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Sainsburys Business Studies - Health and Safety, Employment and Motivation.

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´╗┐Molly Lane 10F - Business Controlled Assessment 3 Business Controlled Assessment 3 Question 1 ? Outline, using examples, the laws which Sainsbury?s must abide by, when employing people. Explain why it is important for Sainsbury?s to abide by these laws and how it may affect Sainsbury?s aims and objectives. Evaluate the success of Sainsbury?s meeting these laws. Why is it important that Sainsbury?s employees follow Health and Safety regulations and evaluate how effectively this law is met? Laws are the principles and regulations established in a community by authorities and applicable to its people. Laws are used within businesses to make businesses aware of the standards they must keep in order to make a business successful and no get any law suits. There are many laws that a business such as Sainsbury?s must abide by, some of which include the Health and Safety act of 1974, the National Minimum wage law, and the Data protection act of 1984. These laws must be abided by, by Sainsbury?s to ensure a safe and correct environment for customers and employees at Sainsbury?s. The Health and Safety act of 1974 is a law that states that Sainsbury?s must be a safe working place for all employees, have all safety equipment needed and display the necessary signage with safety regulations for staff to see. This law is important as without it a staff member could get hurt, and sue Sainsbury?s, resulting in a lower reputation and loss of money. And example of this law being implemented at Sainsbury?s is on their website, [http://www.j-ainsbury.co.uk/files/reports/cr2005/index.asp?pageid=41], where they say ?The reportable accident rate for the Group as a whole has fallen by 16%.? And ?During 2004/05 four of the Supply Chain sites maintained their OHSAS 18001 registration. This year we will consider putting the remaining sites through the accreditation process. During 2005/06 we will also be introducing an H&S Award system, initially in the Supply Chain area and extending into Retail later in the year. ...read more.


On the contrary, Sainsbury?s use different types of training for different levels of the hierarchy. For example, a checkout operator would receive on the job training because it is not a job which involves very much skill, and the advantage of training them on site means that they can witness their job being done first hand. A checkout supervisor would most likely have both training methods and their job is more important than a checkout operator, and involves more skill, but not as important as a manager and does not need as much skill as a manager at Sainsbury?s. A manager at Sainsbury?s would receive a combination of both methods as their job is very important and Sainsbury?s relies on it being done well. An advantage of this is that managers can get the best training possible and can do their job to the best of their ability, however this is quite expensive and can cost Sainsbury?s quite a lot of money. Moreover, by using both methods of training, it benefits both staff and Sainsbury?s in many ways as it means that the staff at Sainsbury?s feel safer, happier and more confident in their job, and can lead to less absences so that Sainsbury?s can become more efficient and make more of a profit. It can benefit Sainsbury?s as it means that if staff are trained well the store is run more smoothly and effectively, and Sainsbury?s can achieve their aims and objectives. Also, it means that Sainsbury?s staff can be trained better than their competition, meaning that Sainsbury?s can gain more customers and therefore beat their rivals ? shown in an article from The Independent ? (http://www.independant.co.uk/news/business/sainsburys-secret-training-1090849.html) saying ?A company spokesperson declared ?We do spend a lot of time and effort on training.? And ?In effort to now lose more ground to its main rival Tesco, Sainsbury?s is sending hundreds of employees to a mystery business school? showing the effort Sainsbury?s makes to train staff. ...read more.


Question 6 ? Evaluate the research methods that you have used to complete your controlled assessments to conclude how valid and reliable the conclusions that you have made are. Research methods are the ways in which a person finds out information that they need in order to answer a question or find out more to do with a certain subject. The research methods I used were found over the internet, and through asking members of staff at Sainsbury?s. I believe that these are trust-worthy methods as they are methods that I have supervised first hand. However, finding information on the internet is not always trustworthy as some sites may contain information that is exaggerated or false. I tried to avoid such websites by using sites that are connected with Sainsbury?s, such as the official Sainsbury?s website, and news sites. I also believe that the conclusions I have made are valid, as from the many sources I have used, and the research I have done I have come to these conclusions using a broad and open mind, and using all my notes, and many other people opinions and views to narrow down the facts and create a conclusion that is the most likely, and most effective. Moreover, the ways in which I researched were in quiet, examination conditions, meaning I was on a computer, with no talking allowed, finding information to help me with this exam. This helps my research as it means I haven?t spoken to other students and found my conclusions and my sources on what they have said, but I have done the research myself and read each article to find relevant information and make my conclusions. Overall, to evaluate I believe my research methods are reliable as I have made sure that I only used relevant information, by asking the current staff of local Sainsbury?s stores, and reading information on the official Sainsbury?s site, to ensure that the sources and conclusions I use and make are true, and use reliable and relevant facts. ...read more.

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