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sainsburys. The aims and objective of Sainsburys are very straightforward

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Task 1 Promoting success (A) Describe the business and its aims and objective In this report I will be investigating how marketing in business helps using organisation that has a national promotional campaign for its products or services. Sainsbury's Supermarkets The business I have chosen to investigate is the large supermarket store called J Sainsbury's; Sainsbury's is one of the top supermarkets that you are able to buy products and services at a good quality. Sainsbury's supermarkets were established in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury's and is Britain's longest standing major food retailer chain. Sainsbury's is a very large supermarket and employs over 145,000 people of these 60% are part time and 40% are full time. 62% of all the employees they employ are women. The supermarket now have many types of store where customers can get products from but a large supermarket will offer customers 34,000 products and over half are Sainsbury's own brand including fresh produce form tomatoes to spinach. In addition to a wide range of quality food and grocery products many stores offer bread baked while your shopping, meat and fish counters, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants and petrol stations. Because of many of these services Sainsbury's supermarkets are able to serve over 11 million customers a week and as at March 2004 had 583 stores throughout the United Kingdom. Sainsbury's bank Sainsbury's over the years now have not just been in the area of providing food products but now have a Sainsbury's bank which was opened for business on the 19th of February 1997, this was a joint venture between Sainsbury's and the bank of Scotland this was a big achievement for Sainsbury's because they were the first bank of the UK this was a good groundbreaking venture for Sainsbury's to take because they were able to attract 2 million customer accounts. Sainsbury's also now provide a range of affordable services including life and health cover, personal loans, savings accounts and travel insurance. ...read more.


Sainsbury's have improved upon the looks of their old store by giving them new looks and using bright colours making the shopping environment more intriguing for customers or whoever may shop in their stores, they also delivered services by serving customers well. That means they continually improved their product ranges and develop new offerings to customers but this was on a much higher level then other supermarket stores. These are all the thing that were part of the promotional campaign they didn't just show one end of the stick but many areas and this is what Jamie Oliver was able to do in the adverts he was able to make Sainsbury's look like they are capable of providing many different products especially organic and healthy food emphasizing on the fact that this type of food was important and at the same time good for you showing the audience that Sainsbury's were than only store who provided a wide range of organic and healthy eating products in their stores because the campaign started near the time when obesity was a problem they were able to promote healthy eating as an option which increased sales. Conclusions of the promotional campaign The Sainsbury's national campaign in my eyes was very successful because of the timing and the icon used in adverts it helped boost sales figures because of the way they realistically put the advertisements together and at the same time they were also honest what you saw on the TV or on billboards is what you saw when you were to go into a Sainsbury's store. The campaign was put together very well and almost ties in with the fact that the company motto is making life taste better its obvious that through the campaign they have tried to show customers that Sainsbury's are able to make life taste better even in the shops before they have prepared products by making them feel comfortable while in the shopping experience or by providing customers with outstanding quality and choices and providing customers with healthy eating options. ...read more.


have a better understanding of what Sainsbury's products are about this is important and is another means of communicating with customers which is one of the important objectives letting customers know where you are where they can purchase products in the promotional customers. Price In Sainsbury's case they will need to consider the price so that it relates with the promotional campaign because if Sainsbury's are saying that their products are of high quality and at value for money it wouldn't be advised that they price products at such high extreme cost. Sainsbury's will need to ensure that customers no that products are high quality but at valued prices by doing this customers will be more encouraged to buy the products in this sense the price area of the marketing mix will relate to the promotional and business objectives because Sainsbury's will see positive correlations. If Sainsbury's are able to achieve this more objectives can be met like delivering great services to customers The importance of the promotional aspect of the marketing mix is that the four ps are a means of communicating to the customer which is a very important tool without the promotional p it would cause a lot of problems and they will not be able to communicate products to their target audience in an effective way which will cause a decrease in sales and profits. By having the promotional p it will boost the image of Sainsbury's which will allow more customers to know about the promotional campaign and the goings on of Sainsbury's. It is also important that Sainsbury's stick by their promise through their means of communicating so that they do not mislead customers into the wrong direction they will need to ensure that the availability of products are high standards and are the resources available at the right time and at the place also they will need also ensure that they keep their focus on their target market mix different target audience because this will get confusing. ...read more.

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