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Science and the Community

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Science and the Community How GSK affects the community in which it is situated. Gsk may affect the local community which it is situated in many different ways as most of their employees are not from local community so the company hardly have an impact on the community. How many people do GSK employed and the skills they used ? Gsk employed about 110,000 employees worldwide; with quarter of the amount doing research and development. In Stevenage there is about 2400 staff of which 70% are laboratory scientist. There are many different skills used by their employees as they used science in every aspect of research and development. They uses science technicians for discovering new drugs which is a high tech process therefore they use robotics extensively as they are more efficient and effective than using human technicians. Most of there scientist interface there experiment with IT systems for running them, monitoring them and collecting and analysing results. Basic economic cost Gsk need money for basic economic cost as they currently spend over �6 million per day doing research worldwide. They also used up a lot of money developing medicine as at least �50 million and it takes up 10-12 years. However they do benefit from this as they get in profit for the shareholders and put some money back into research. ...read more.


These affect climate (global warming), deplete the ozone layer, generate smog and create acid rain. Additionally, some of these substances when released into the air can cause a variety of health impacts because of the way they react with other substances in the air. Therefore Gsk tries to avoid these problems by setting up their waste management programmes. Gsk get rid of their waste products by recycling waste paper. They incinerated glass to burn off chemicals and then they are recycled. They also used the heavy metal containing chemicals so any heavy metal waste is sent to a specialist waste disposal company. Gsk waste management is very good as almost all waste is incinerated on the site at 1200 degrees which prevents dioxin formation and this allows a clean exhaust of stacks. The economic impact on the community As GlaxoSmithKline is one of the biggest employers in a community therefore it as a very large impact in terms of local spending, housing and employment for a lot of routine jobs which they used graduates which are recruit nation-wide there fore this is a considerable impact on the transport of the local community. They have a few economical impacts on the community as most of their workers have to commute. Probably 50% of the contract staff lives locally most of the staff live about 25miles radius from Stevenage. ...read more.


Advantages * GsK have a very good waste management programme * They support charity * They develop drugs and medicines to treat the ill and they basically give people the chance to live longer and have a better life. * The work experience is a huge advantage as the community get a chance to be involve in the business and get to know more about the science used. * Charity for the local community is also an advantage as it benefits people from the community. * Routine jobs for local community * They have their own canteen for food so does no depend on the local shops. Disadvantages * The local community does not really benefit from the company because the money paid out by the company is not really spend in the community as most of their workers are from various different places. * It is a big disadvantage for the local community because not many people are employed local so local businesses do not benefit much. * The transport for people commuting is a disadvantage for the local community as they don't get use of it as they are either not employed or live close enough. * The local community shops does not get much benefit from the company as they have own canteen. * The local community graduates does not benefit from the company as many of their scientist commute. Carolyn Baugh Unit 1 Task 3 WO163 1 ...read more.

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