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Secondary Research

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Desk Research St. Albans is a very highly populated with a population of approximately 60,000 people, these. Fashion in general is a part of someone which people admire, it shows class, imagination but also can show personality. As I see it fashion is what you wear whether you like it or not, whatever you wear gets yourself put into groups. First of all I will explain what my business characteristics are and how I am going to develop my fashion store to suit the publics needs. St. Albans is somewhat of a fashion city, as there are many shops selling different brands all over the place, but there is only one main shop which sells various brands under one roof. In my eyes this company needs a competitor, and that's what I want to do, set up a business which competes with this fashion company. My business characteristics are very simple; various different popular brands all under one roof at a reasonable price. ...read more.


However there are also various disadvantages of David Copperfield which I believe my business can capitalise on. The pricing is the main aspect which in my eyes and I believe in many others is that its widely to expensive. There are many people in the public of St. Albans which do have enough money to spend on these fashion luxuries, so I guess David Copperfield aims there products at them. I will develop the idea of just having an expensive store which sells brands which can be priced reasonably. Customers opinions are vital if you want a successful and popular business in the world of fashion. Nowadays the fashion business is going wild as teenagers around the country are stepping up and giving it there all to look good in the various new fashion items. Fashion is spreading across a very wide audience from the general public usually from age 14 upwards. ...read more.


When people buy more fashionable clothing, they get drawn to keeping up with the latest fashion items and accessories. However a relevant factor is that the drop in economy may restrict the amount of money the general public will spend on fashion items. Key Issues Of Affecting Market: An important issue affecting the target market in and around St. Albans is the way they get to my retail store. There is always easy access to my local area of St. Albans as there are to train stations, buses, car and bike parking facilities and also places to visit if walking. Also St. Albans however isn't the easiest place to get to for lorries carrying heavy goods, either importing or exporting goods to and from the store. However St. Albans is very commercial compared to other towns or cities around the country. Another concern is the current oil costs. Also the shipping costs make a business like mine very hard to run as it is hard to ship in the components and materials needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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