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Segmentation at Haagen-dazs.

Extracts from this document...


1. SEGMENTATION Haagen-Dazs based on three main segmentations to target their market. These segments consist of demographic, socio-cultural and psychographic. First, we look at demographic segmentation. Haagen-Dazs splits the market into groups based on income. They focus on consumers who have higher income to spend on luxuries such as their super-premium ice cream. They also separate the market based on age and aimed on the adults. Even though they do not segregate flavors by gender, they do tend to give marks for romantic and sensuous image of ice cream. Besides, they highlight the indulgence and pleasure related to sex. The second one is the socio-cultural segmentation. Different cultures and nationalities have different needs, especially in foods. European people have preferences in alcohol drinking; Japanese people are famous for their tea arts. On the other hand, Islamic countries are negatively sensitive with luscious images while Westerners express their enthusiastic for romantic. Observing carefully the socio-cultural can really give Haagen-Dazs a good tool in catching their target markets. The third one would be the psychographic segmentation. In psychographic segmentation, Haagen-Dazs divide buyers into group based on lifestyle and have their eyes on those buyers who take pleasure in the lavishness and indulgence linked with the brand. Haagen-Dazs had established an ambience behind its cafes which uses furniture that is comfortable and in deep shades of browns, burgundy and red to add a feeling of insulate and familiarity. 2. TARGET Decide not to completely follow these segmentations; Haagen-Dazs has narrowed down its business to carter to two main target markets. The first segment is affluent, pleasure seeking adults who are generally brand conscious, innovators and trend followers. Second is the market of health conscious, young adults who are interested in desserts but prefer natural ingredients and low fat substitutes. By identifying only two target segments and focusing on a small but profitable segment of the market, Haagen-Dazs is practicing a niche market strategy. 4. POSITIONING Haagen-Dazs positioning is mostly based on its product and service differentiations. ...read more.


Haagen-Dazs was giving away more than $11 million worth of prizes, including a 3-year 2001 Jaguar XK8 lease, $5,000 shopping sprees, free ice cream for a year for another promotion programs. At the early of this May (2007), a lot newspapers and magazines simultaneously posted the hot promotion program "First Haagen-Dazs New Flavor Day FREE cone event" announced by Haagen-Dazs to ice cream aficionados. The attention was strong enough to lead to a small movement in ice cream lovers. Everybody was rush to Haagen-Dazs outlets in order to search and taste "the unique ice creams." Spending a lot of money for sales promotions, sales revenues of Haagen-Dazs have been substantially pushed up. This may be a big and worthy reward for good sales promotion strategy. Most of the marketers are conscious of how important it is to build strong public relations. Haagen-Dazs executives always remind this significant role to their marketing staffs. There are almost no Haagen Dazs products being introduced to public without the support from newspapers, magazines, television stations. Similarly to this year's introducing of Reserve Series, it would have been very few people rushing to Haagen-Dazs outlets if there hadn't appeared articles and announcements on the public Medias. One of the mottos of Haagen-Dazs is always active in public relations. Therefore, they set up separate Public Relation Departments in order to connect with the public. These departments regularly express the company's image and commitments on newspapers, television shows. In addition, Haagen-Dazs often holds public event to get the attention of the public for their company. When introducing the Reserve Series, Haagen-Dazs Japan and Australia connected their product promotion with special music concerts with the title "laid-back approach to music." Audiences listened to a violin concert on beds as they eat ice cream during the Dolce Heavenly Concert in Tokyo and Australia. They used to hold a contest in U.S as an event to show Haagen-Dazs prominent to other ice cream producers. ...read more.


5.9% 9.7% Cups 3.9% 6.2% Push Tube 3.0% 17.8% Cream Bar 2.4% -1.3% Cookie Sandwich 1.7% 22.6% Italian Ice 1.6% 24.2% Bite Size 0.8% 3.4% Sorbet 0.6% -19.4% Frozen Yogurt 0.2% -17.7% Other 9.7% -- Total 100% -- Source: Information Resources Inc., courtesy IDFA COPYRIGHT 2002 Business News Publishing Co. COPYRIGHT 2002 Gale Group CHINA GAIN REPORT Retail Value of Processed Foods 2000-2004 (RMB millions) Growth Rates in Products Types REFERENCES Haagen-Dazs(R) Ice Cream Shops to Give Away Free Cones for First New Flavor Day; Try a New Flavor May 15 for Free!, Oakland, Calif, May 10. PR Newswire (US). http://global.factiva.com/factivalogin/privacypolicy/privacypolicy_en.html. Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Releases a New Vintage: Haagen-Dazs Reserve(TM) Series, (2007), Oakland, California, May 2007, PR Newswire (US). http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd. Diane McIntyre, (2007), Haagen-Dazs Shops Offer New Flavors to Savor on May 15, Haagen-Dazs webpage, www.haagen-dazs.com. Natalie Mikles, Tulsa World, Oklahoma, (2007), Finalists in ice cream contest announced, Tribune Business News, April 4th 2007. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Business News. Colin Espiner, (2007), Bearer of The Budget, Christchurch, New Zealand. 12 May 2007, The Press, Fairfax New Zealand. Anjali Cordeiro, Catering To Asian Markets Is Tricky For Food Companies, of Dow Jones Newwires, 1 March 2007. Dow Jones News, New York, U.S. http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd. Roger Slavens, 2007, Haagen-Dazs tastes success with creme de la creme campaign.(Vertical Insight: Foodservice)(Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc. chooses SZPR advertising agency for marketing of Haagen-Dazs premium ice cream ),Crain Communications. http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-29419135_ITM. United Arab Emirates: Wednesday, December 28 - 2005 at 09:50, www.ameinfo.com/88601.html. http://papertigertail.blogspot.com/2005/08/buicks-and-haagen-dazs.html. http://english.people.com.cn/200407/26/eng20040726_150785.html. Pillai paul levikow (2007), Baskin-Robbins Ordered To Pay Almost $500,000 For Not Delivering As Advertised, US Fed New, Hindustan Times, 15 May 2007. Don Dodson (2007), Baskin Robbins losing two shops, Businessman cutting longtime ties; The News-Gazette. Provided by Proquest Information and Learning, 6 May 2007. Renee Enna, Think Pink, 21 February 2007, Chicago, U.S. Chicago Tribune, North Final. Jain, Dipak C, Draganska, Michaela, Consumer preferences and product-line pricing strategies: an empirical analysis, 01 March 2006, Article, News, Research, Information, Industry & Business News, Marketing Science. http://goliath.ecnext. ...read more.

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