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Service Development of the "Office and Leisure Centre in the Sky" for Singapore Airlines.

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Semester One 2003/2004 SERVICE OPERATIONS Module Leader: Coursework SERVICE DEVELOPMENT OF THE "OFFICE AND LEISURE CENTRE IN THE SKY" FOR SINGAPORE AIRLINES From the nineteen's, Singapore Airlines (SIA) would like develop an original idea: "the office and leisure centre in the sky". My essay will outline the approach that should be used to develop this concept according to the Edvardsson's and Olsson's article "Key concepts for new service development" and the case "Singapore Airlines". Regarding to Edvardsson and Olsson, developing a service corresponds to create the right generic prerequisites for the service. Also service companies do not provide services but the prerequisites for numerous services. Edvardsson and Olsson distinguish three main types of development: the development of the service concept, the development of the service system and the service process development. * The development of the service concept (Edvardsson & Olsson, 1996) Before all things, managers of Singapore Airlines must define in details their new service concept about "the office and leisure centre in the sky". These first analysis and description form the point of departure of the service development that it has to be made in order to the new realized service has the right quality. The service concept forms a detailed description of the customer needs, wishes and expectations to be satisfied and how the company is to be achieved them (the service offer). ...read more.


* The development of the service system The service system includes the resources available to the process for realizing the service concept: staff, customers, physical/technical environment, and organisation. The central activities include: * A demand specification on the basis of the service concept * A thorough assessment of the current service system * A detailed description of the design of the system for the new service o Selecting and training/education the staff (responsibilities, motivation, understanding): The staff is a key resource. But it is essential that staff is recruiting very well in relation to meticulous and defined criteria. It must take their staff's special needs, demands and wishes into account. Knowledge, experience, motivation and enjoyment are necessary. SIA must create designing attractive jobs and a stimulating work environment in order to the staff, and especially its front-line staff, have really a customer orientation and offer the best service to customers. The recruitment, training, development and outplacement of staff must be realized with attention and care for maintaining the SIA's success and the best reputation. Training continually the employment is important, and for motivating the staff, SIA should building a good communication system (e.g.: newsletters, memoranda...) with its staff. With a good communication, the staff is encouraged because of good information and a good listening of staff's remarks and comments. ...read more.


Different things must be taken in account in the service process: o Roles and responsibility of customers and partners must be clarified o Customers' expectations must be controlled to verify that the new service is adapted and to improve the current services o Procedures of teaching the customer need to be defined in details in relation to the service concept and system, and the customers' behaviour and expectations. o Detailed description of the service process with respect of activities and subprocesses, equipment, quality and cost factors, provide the important information with critical points and the line of visibility. To elaborate the service process, it must act by these following stages: 1) Define quality requirements according to partners and suppliers 2) Understand internal customers' expectations of various internal departments 3) Understand end-customers' expectations The SIA case study shows that service excellence requires a total approach. Excellent customer service results from all the appropriate components being in place, from the correct strategic focus and service culture, to a clear understanding of service, good training and people, and good systems and processes. So SIA must develop its new idea of "office and leisure centre in the sky" by this approach and by respecting the different stages of service development: first, an detailed description of the service concept, then the building of successful service system around the staff, customers and the physical and technical environment, finally an detailed description of the service process from SIA's suppliers to end-customers. ...read more.

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