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Should a new runway be built at Leeds-Bradford?

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Should a new runway be built at Leeds-Bradford? Background In July 2002, the Government began a UK-wide public consultation on 'The Future Development of Air Transport in the UK.' This outlined the government's policies on meeting expected air transport needs for the next 30 years. It was decided that a new runway would be required in the Midlands within thirty years and plans were also made to locate a second runway at Birmingham or East Midlands. It was even proposed that a new airport could be built at Warwickshire. It is highly possible that soon Leeds-Bradford will become congested and in need for expansion as are these other districts mentioned above. Whether or not is it feasible to build a new runway at Leeds - Bradford airport depends on the negative and positive externalities that will occur as a result. An externality is a consequence that occurs when a business decision is made; it can be either good or bad. Numerous arguments say that it is an advantageous move that will benefit mostly everyone either directly or indirectly; however others believe the environmental implications of the new runway will outweigh the useful outcomes that its construction will create. By utilizing cost/benefit analysis it is easier to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the above business venture more effectively. Problems Firstly I will describe and explain the problems (negative externalities) ...read more.


Improved flexibility to reach customers and prospects allows for an increase in time efficiency thus the business as a whole becomes more efficient. The creation of more business in Leeds and Bradford could be brought on by the construction of a new runway. Business leaders have ranked external transport links in the top three factors for business location hence a new runway could attract new commerce to locate here consequently creating more jobs for residents in the surrounding area. The wide range of destinations and frequency of flights from the UK have helped the country become the top European destination for inward investment. These factors improved as a result of a new runway would allow further investment in the UK thus helping the economy moreover. External economies of scale would likely be created if a new runway was built as it would allow extra planes of larger sizes into the country through Leeds - Bradford Airport that would permit more flights to run more often. The expansion of the airport could result in a subsequent decrease in costs for companies working within the airport, for example the new runway would allow businesses to have better choices over which airline exports their goods to other countries so therefore a cheaper airline may be chosen. (Only relevant to manufacturing industry within the airport.) They may also benefit from an increase in the number of passengers using the airport since they may sell more goods (if duty free) ...read more.


Unfortunately the new runway would generate a larger accumulation of traffic on the roads that would affect both the internal and external stakeholders namely the workers and the local community. Suppliers to the airport and the businesses within it would grow as orders would get larger as the amount of aeroplanes using the airport increased. Taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages to building a new runway at Leeds - Bradford Airport I have come to the conclusion that the business venture is a sound one. However it is a fact that aviation is the U.K's fastest growing source of Carbon Dioxide emissions and it is probable that a new runway would add to these discharges. Unless the emissions were somehow minimized than I doubt that the runway would be environmentally viable anyway. Houses close to the airport e.g. Horsforth, Yeadon e.t.c. subjected to increased noise levels are likely to decrease in value but it is probable that the property owners would be subsidized in one way or another by the government to ensure that when it came to selling their house they would not be at a disadvantage. Augmented levels of noise pollution are bound to irritate local residents but the economical benefits and need of expansion overcome the small discrepancies a new runway would produce if the move went ahead. I think it would assist the North's growth immensely by way of new businesses locating here as well as helping Britain along to becoming an example for others to follow. James Black 1 ...read more.

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