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Skills and qualities

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Skills and qualities Introduction The Travel and tourism industry takes both interpersonal skills and technical skills into a huge consideration when recruiting a new member of staff. Concerning Technical skills may be one of the most basic types of skills which employers may be looking for when recruiting new members of staff as it is very crucial to their job roles. Technical skills are absorbed and taught as it will benefit them I their jobs, in many cases they may be very basic skills such as maintenance, cookery, organizing and so on. There are many values of technical skills and some are more demand that the others, however these skills are often the most crucial skills required by employers. Technical skills are set out to run, and set up malfunctions, or equipment maintenance such as computers which is involved in a certain individual's job criteria. In this case this skill may be important as the staff that has that skill will be familiar with what kind of preservation is essential to carry out on this equipment if something goes wrong. However on the other hand interpersonal skills are self-concept development, which makes an individual different from other individuals, however it includes many effects for instance how you behave in different situations or how you get on with people. A personal quality is what builds up persons characteristics; this may result in their attitude towards life and work. However skills are a development of process, it is socially constructed, and it's what you learn in the work place. Employees are trained to develop these skills because it is vital in the travel and tourism industry. ...read more.


However quality control analysis is done by the receptionists if not them its usually people at the front office, what the do is they inspects the computer and all the other technological systems in the building, such as the products and services and take out tests on them. The Marriott is a large hotel, so therefore to keep up their good successful image they must train their staff well with the technical skills required by this job. However staff at the front office in other words at the reception have the duty for the creation of the success in the organisation. So therefore receptionists must have adequate levels of technical skills. The main roles of a receptionist at the hotel is to receive calls, for which they must be able to use many different types of telephone techniques for instance dealing with incoming calls, how to sound confident and understanding the use of check lists and being able to use them if necessary, however it also includes skills such as being able to direct calls correctly. Receptionists must also understand the importance of customer relation; this includes factors such as understanding customer needs and attitudes, and dealing with complaints and awkward customers either on the telephone or on a face to face basis. For instance if there is a customer making a complaint the receptionist must learn to stay calm and develop strategies for dealing with difficult customers and situations. This is extremely important for the Marriott as the receptionists work as the front line position at the Marriot, and the impression the guests will receive from them is what the whole hotel would be judged by. ...read more.


However they must be aware that they are in charge to keep the linen rooms properly stocked and clean also it must be organised and searchable for other members of staff to find. Housekeepers must able to know how to remove waste and dirty glasses; these staff must have excellent guest service skills and must be available to work a flexible schedule. Excellent cleaning abilities The role requires staff to do heavy duty cleaning, general maintenance and minor repairs of guest rooms to maintain the Marriot standards, other skills include cleaning carpets, being able to organise vents, how to vacume edges , how to clean windows, ,changing filters, minor repairs and furniture. In conclusion I believe that to maintain a good professional image of an organisation many skills and qualities taught by the staff at the organisation is very effective, as it will bring new customer and the staff will be happy workers and very co-operative they will feel motivated and determined to succeed. At the end motivated staff result in good business and more sales, so it is very important for staff to identify the skills for the job role. Conclusion I believe that interpersonal and technical skills are very important as in life in general and also for the world of work as they as they are increasingly commanded by employers, and in other terms these skills are also known as ' employability skills '. The growth of these skills makes available a bigger constructive structure for us to replicate on our own development, this self-awareness is vital to future success. ...read more.

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