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Skills that are important when dealing with customers

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Skills Why are these skills important to customer service? Presentation skills > Employers should be well dressed. > The employer should not interrupt when the customer is speaking > The way you listen to the customer (with full attention) > The questions that should be asked to the customer > To be able to understand the customer's body language and understand their needs. > To be polite to customers > Knowledge of product > The employee should always have eye contact with the customer > To be confident > Body language The customer will meet you first so it is important to give a good first impression. This impression will be of the organization. When meeting the customer it is important to be well dressed and show confident while speaking because it will make the customer feel that you have good knowledge of the product and organization and is ready to help. ...read more.


In the beginning, the assistant should greet the customer so that they think that you are ready to help. Showing courtesy towards customer will make them feel being respected. While talking to customer, an employer should always say with confident to make customer know that you have good understanding of the product. If an employer has good body language it will help him/her looking interested in the matter of the customer so they will feel they are being assisted properly. Body language would also help make an employer look concerned about the customer. Communication skills > The type of body language and other signals you use in front of customer > Listening carefully to the customer > To get the understanding of the body language used by the customer > Give as much information as you can to the customer, but it should be clear and precise > When communicating the body should face the customer. ...read more.


It also important to have an eye contact so that the customer knows that the full attention of the employer is on him/her and it also makes the employer look more confident to the customer. In this coursework, I am going to talk about the three main types of skills that are important when dealing with customers. These skills are presentation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. I will list the skills, which come under each category, and why are they important to customer service. To conclude this coursework, I have proved that it is very important for any organization to have these three types of skill used in their customer service. It will help to make a strong relationship between the customer and the organization. It will also help to solve any problems or complaints which customer might have. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2, M2 Pranav Jadva ...read more.

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