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Small Business

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Attaullah Mirlashari 10i Applied Business GCSE Unit 1 Investigating Business Part 1 Small Business Introduction In this section of my coursework I will be writing about the aims & objectives, ownership, business activity and location of a small business, in this case it would be Blooming Scent. Small business is a business that is independently owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Blooming Scent is a florist service. The owner of the business is a soletrader, her name is Gina Moffatt. She only owns one store located in Tottenham but hopes to make have many more in the future. Blooming Scent caters for party events, advice on all aspects of organising and also the manufacture of gifts. They design certain flowers for certain occasions such as funerals and valentines. The image on the right shows Gina Moffat, the owner of Blooming Scent. Gina is pictured here being presented With a princes trust enterprise award Gina has managed To defy staggering odds by setting up a successful Business while serving a prison sentence. ...read more.


Another factor that might affect Blooming Scent is the number of competitors it has in the same area, there are around two or more direct competitors within a mile of Blooming Scent's location. One way they try to distract customers away from other florists and attract them to theirs is by finding better methods to contact them. For example, treating the customers the way they would like to be treated and providing a very good customer service. An additional factor of location is the need to be near customers. One of there main aims is to train young people, in Tottenham there is a large community of young people without an education and really failing in life so her aim is being achieved. Ownership Blooming Scent is in the private sector of business because it is not run by the government. The simplest and most common form of private sector ownership is a Sole trader, they are self-employed. The owner has unlimited liability. Gina Moffat is also sole trader but her aspirations for the future are to become a Private Limited Company to get her business more known. ...read more.


For example to make profit is the main aim in most businesses because if the business is making no profit at all then it is not progressing and the chances of the business failing increases. Survival is also an important issue for most businesses, especially for sole traders because of the smaller amount of money compared to limited companies. If the business fails then it has lost all the money that has been put into it, this is the one of the worst things that could happen to a business that's why it is a main aim. Some businesses only care about the money but in Blooming Scent it's different. Being young and having gone through a lot of problems, even imprisonment. Gina still carried on making her own business, for this reason she has made her main priority to get young people involved in these sorts of activities. One of the things she is involved with young people is the "Business Mentor Project" where students like me have to investigate small businesses, in this case we are investigating hers. This involves the students visiting her premises and her visiting the school and giving her professional advice. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Attaullah Mirlashari Candidate Number: 0140 1 ...read more.

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