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Spanglett's Current Staffing and Work Assignments Process and their Relationship to other Administrative Processes.

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Spanglett Associates - 9-681-080 Introduction Spanglett Associates is a professional services firm with an office based in Chicago. Manny Temple is the managing officer of this location and is responsible for staffing individual projects. In this case his dilemma is whether to place Sally Stone on a project based out the Houston office or to place Sally on a new project at her existing placement. Spanglett's Current Staffing and Work Assignments Process and their Relationship to other Administrative Processes According to Maisteri, there are seven administrative systems that should be reviewed holistically because the links between them are very strong and these ultimately directly contribute to how to staff projects. These administrative systems are recruiting, training and development, counseling, performance evaluation, compensation, promotion, and work assignments. Spanglett uses a senior consultant, selected to be the personnel manager, to serve their office by selecting junior and senior consultants for assignments. This position is held by a consultant for a one to two year period. In addition to selecting the proper staff for a position, a substantial selling component was necessary to convince Lead Officers (LO) ...read more.


Lead Officers are the liaisons to the client. Because of this relationship, the LO is the primary contact and is responsible for communicating important factors such as their interpretation of the importance of the project. Most likely, this would be biased because of the competitive nature established within Spanglett. Lead Officers need to bring to Spanglett additional revenue and they understand that the best way to keep the customer satisfied or happy is to deliver projects with good resources. Lead Officers would put pressure on Harry to get the resources they wanted or they would issue a formal complaint to the chief executive, Rod Tischman. Harry did have good information with which to place individuals. This information was gathered from monthly review sessions with others in the company that had worked with particular consultants. This group provided insight on opportunities for growth and recent accomplishments. This data was mixed with counseling the individual consultants on career paths in order to determine next assignments. This information appeared to be free of bias and should have been good input into the scheduling process. Placing Sally Stone Maister has documented a set of inputs he suggests should be considered in choosing a work assignment through a scheduling system. ...read more.


Professionally, she will have the opportunity to improve by working with a new officer and by having a little bit more latitude in executing the project. A weak lead manager should afford her the opportunity of more client interaction as well. From Spanglett's point of view, Sequoia is more of a "Grey-Hair" project. This affords their firm the opportunity of bringing in lower-cost, junior consultants to execute on a project that has become more of a staple for their company. Sally will have a great opportunity to train and lead the team to success. This is a positive move for her professional career at Spanglett as well as Spanglett's presence in a new company. After assigning Stone to Sequoia, Temple should assign Herbert Jablin to APC with additional senior consultants to insure that project would be as successful as the Sequoia project will be. i David H. Maister notes that the scheduling of work assignments is the single most important administrative task in a professional service firm in his paper "Job Assignments Set the Pace in Professional Service Firms". ii "Spanglett Associates", David H. Maister, Harvard Business School, Case 9-681-080, p. 4. Spanglett Associates - Page 1 of 6 BUSN 610 - October 20, 2003 Dana William Edwards ...read more.

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