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stakeholders at richer sounds

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Section B: Stakeholders The term stakeholder is used to describe an individual or organisation that has a direct interest in a service being provided. The views and feedback of stakeholders are an important part of information we receive about the type and quality of services and have a great effect on a business. They are the end-users or clients, the people from whom requirements will be drawn, the people who will influence the design and, ultimately, the people who will reap the benefits of a completed project. Stakeholder Interests Customers Value, Quality, Customer Care. These are a few examples of what customer interests are and what they want out of a business. Colleagues Job security Owner/Julian Richer Profit, Performance, Direction Supplier They rely on Richer Sounds to buy there goods, to make money. Third party distribution They rely on Richer Sounds for work. They also earn money from Richer Sounds. Financiers They lead money n charge money for interest so they are interested in Richer Sounds to make more profit. ...read more.


This brief phone call is never used as a sale call but is purely to check that the customer is happy with everything so far and knows where to contact us if they need help later. * By arranging demonstrations richer sounds enables their customers to become more knowledgeable about the equipment that they are buying. Most of their stores have special demo rooms, which can be booked in advance when required. Richer sounds prefer their customers to go away and analyse what they are purchasing before making a sale. Richer sounds seem to meet all of their stakeholders needs; however, they concentrate particularly on their customers due to them being their most important key stakeholder. This is good in some ways because customers help the business to succeed and meet their target profit. In addition, customers help to improve the businesses technique and strategy towards selling and promoting products by providing them with useful suggestions. On the other hand, by focusing on one particular group, they could potentially be forgetting about the needs of their other important stakeholders. ...read more.


Suppliers: because they deliver goods needed to sell and therefore control the pace/ movement of stock. They are crucial to the success of the business due to how quickly they can deliver stock making sure that time is not wasted. They provide the business with high quality products ready for customers to buy. Financers: they help the business by making sure that all crucial business payments are made and keep on top of any profit or loss occurring within the business. Also they help to sort whether or not the company is eligible for a loan so that they can provide better goods for the company. They are also in touch with how much money there is to spend and spread around the company ensuring that every area is covered. Community: is the last because they help to advertise the business by word of mouth and basically help get that business publicity. This helps to draw in more punters helping the business to become more successful. I did not include Julian Richer, clearly, because he is the sole holder and has the greatest hold on Richer Sounds. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lauren herelle 110r ...read more.

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